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  1. Oh and there was this guy...just Paul Blake aka Greedo! He was charging £20 for a selfie so we had to step back a bit to get this one! and found this photo on the Nor Con official site...
  2. As part of the Nor Con 6 event there was a cosplay competiton...worth a shot we thought! He had to go up onto the stage, strike a pose and walk off...in front of 300 people. and this fantastic Picture...which really shows off the gaskets!! Well we didn't win...All the winners were obscure warrior princesses or goblins...I think we were a bit mainstream. Oh well was still fantastic to get a huge round of applause!
  3. If you cast your mind back to my very first post, The whole point of this build was to create a suit that would allow my son to troop with the local Star Wars club, The Norwich Star Wars Club. Well today that dream came true for him...FANTASTIC DAY. We bought tickets to Nor Con 6, The big Sci-fi event in our corner of the world and got the suit polished and ready to go. We had to suffer the indignity of getting dressed in a car park but you have to expect to suffer for your art. And so the great unveiling of the suit began. As we walked to the back of the hundreds deep queue, people were taking photos, saying "That suit is so cool" and as we found later, we appeared in a youtube video too. A good start. It got better. As we entered we were pulled aside by the organiser of the event who wanted to know all about the suit and shook us both by the hands, He said it was great to see a First order costume. It got better. We then approached the Star wars club display which consisted of three large back drops with various members of the club in their costumes. As we walked up we were approached by them and my son was asked to join the line up. He stood and posed for photos for 15 minutes, including official event photography and Club photography. Needless to say we were asked to join the club and troop with them from now on! We were both really pleased but these photos do show up the thighs as being WRONG...which to be fair I knew they were, so they will be a revisit asap.
  4. If you have been wondering why the posts went a bit quiet...well its cos I have been making this... No its not Frosty the snowman...nor is it Olaf. It is in fact my attempt at a 'BB8 on a teeny budget' which at some point i will document in a similar way to this thread. The reason I bring this up is that for this build I bought myself a little Bluetooth speaker which will be mounted in his head at some point. I will then play the BB8 sounds using a soundboard app on the iphone...other phones are available. But then i thought i wonder if it will fit in the Stormtrooper pouch (camera case) on the belt. It fit like it was made for it. So i then found some storm trooper lines...Stop that Ship, Move along, we don't need to see his identification etc. These are now playable from the mini speaker and it sounds awesome. Poor picture...great idea.
  5. And even more finally...(i forgot about the neck)...The neck. I clearly had my camera set to yellow mode...or am I the only one seeing yellow? I think thats an iron deficiency... So the neck is as below i wanted high at the back, low to go under the chin, in the middle. It then velcro's at the back and rolls up like this... All in all Im very happy with the gasket solution...it was an expensive buy to get the proper ones and I've got them all for under a tenner. Time for a try on...As you can see though...the only proof they are even being worn is the knees aren't taped on for the first time...stay tuned for better photos.
  6. Oh the man sewing top tip...to get rid of the frayed ends you could fold them over and make a nice finished edge...or do what i did...USE FIRE!
  7. And riding on the crest of an elbow gasket shaped wave, I carried on to make the knees. Added a little velcro to stick the knees on. And finally on to the shoulder piece. This was done by cutting a kind of nuclear mushroom cloud shape, then making the lower half into a sleeve...its hard to explain! The pic below shows the shoulder piece on my arm...its a lot bigger on my son!
  8. And so it comes to this...The darn Gaskets...the bane of the build. Many thanks for the suggestions and I'm sure they will work for many trying similar to me...but as mentioned I can't get that shiny stretchy stuff in UK, well not cheaply. And thick cord material is like £20 a metre...umm no. So came up with a COMPROMISE...im all about compromise remember. Bought myself 2 metres of Black lining material which is shiny (£1.97) and 1m wadding £2.99. The idea was to sandwich the wadding between two sheets of lining fabric and then sew beautiful straight lines 1cm apart, creating a ridged piece of fabric. This meant I had to get my Man Sewing skills out...they don't come out very often...ok my mum helped a bit. It went ok...binned the one below eventually but the idea was sound. I then sewed this into a tube which could be worn at the elbow.
  9. Well Its been a while since I added an update so I must admit things have backed up a little...The doctor says its cos I don't drink enough water. SOOooo, I have had literally no emails asking me about the shoes...so here is a shoe update. As you will recall I am cutting down an old pair of Wellington boots, or as I call them...boots. This was an extremely difficult process that can be summed up in two words...Big Scissors. We started off with more of an ankle boot using the 501st guide but because of the GIANT SUPER FAT foam we used, the calf armour just sat on top of the boot and therefore raised it up above knee level...so we went for stormtrooper shoes, an essential for the stormtrooper about town, or a formal dinner. Then set my son the task of painting the little buggers. As you can (barely) see, the boots had a few details on them which kind of looked good, made them a bit different to a plain old garden welly. End result, pretty pleased with them...get the feeling all the paint will fall off the second he bends his foot but it will do!
  10. Yes I can fully appreciate your point about the weathering of the gun not fully matching the suit. BUT I have to say this suit is not parade ready!! I imagine I would be peeling potatoes for six months if I turned up on duty wearing this! I would describe this suit as passing the squint test...if you squint your eyes it look good enough!
  11. Great find indeed! However this is a US company and have tried in vain to find similar fabric in the UK. I'm currently making my own fabric which shall be posted soon, thanks though!
  12. Many thanks guys...stand by for the big shoe update that you've all been waiting for...can you hold back the excitement any longer.<br> Apologies for slow updates but sometimes life gets in the way of life...
  13. GASKETS not gaters...GASKETS...i need advice on GASKETS...im gonna go back and edit the posts!
  14. So this the suit in its temporary storage...where do you even store these things? This has made me jump three times so far. Still got lots of little bits to do so bear with me. My eldest son some how squeezed into the suit tonight...Im starting to get a complex about my weight as i can even get close to fitting into it. Still need some suggestions for the GASKETS...cheap suggestions. Also what are peoples opinions on weathering the suit to match the gun?...i like the gun.
  15. Right...whats next?...The blaster. Well Im still thinking the blaster was bought by my son so I'm not going to add that to the total...the blaster is an optional extra...a bit like a stormtrooper handbag or off the shoulder crop top...you don't need them but man do they make you feel good. I will however be buying paint for this blaster and that comes out of my hard earned cash. I found a fantastic tutorial on Youtube by the PropShop which details how to turn the blaster into a REAL looking blaster. So I had to buy a can of White, a can of Flat black and some silver paint. Then finish it with a clear matt sealer. The paint came to £13.93 and the sealer was a Plasticoat Sealer for £6.95 totalling £20.88...WHAT A RIP OFF PAINT IS. So this is what I'm starting with...yep its a toy...it looks like a toy. Im pretty sure the troopers in the film didn't have star wars written on their blasters. So the first job was to take it to bits...the tutorial doesn't tell you to do this but i wanted to get in there and paint it properly. BIG MISTAKE. Took the 400 tiny screws out with a screwdriver i got in a christmas cracker and pull apart the two halves. The spring shot out and dented the wall as can be seen below. The innards of the gun exploded in every direction...how hard can it be to put them back together? So then it was a case of spraying and masking, masking and spraying....and on and on. Ventilation is essential when spraying paint...i will try to remember that next time...i was so high...luckily the pink giraffe that came to visit was there to help me. The Youtube vid is fab..it goes on to tell you how to weather the gun by painting brown paint (which i had) over the painstaking spraying that you have just done...It was a leap of faith but it looks great. I then had the simple task of getting it back together. OMG I have never been so angry in all my life. It made no sense. I googled pics and videos but whatever i tried it failed. I must've put those 400 screws in and taken them out 30 times...It got late...I ran out of swear words and moved on to hand gestures and rocking back and forth...I gave up. In the morning I found a piece in the garage that was integral to making the thing work...just goes to show that getting cross at things doesn't help... Once it was back together i gave it a spray with the Plasticoat sealer...Man I thought the paint was hallucinogenic..this stuff is a whole different ball game...its not even a ball game...its quidditch...on ice. Anyway heres the results...pretty darn pleased with it.
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