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  1. Ok, sounds good. But will it also be only speakers available?
  2. Hi! I bought a few years ago Hovis with speakers inside them. Now the speakers has given up and I need new ones. They was made by a guy namned Stomper. The speakers I don´t know Ohms or Watt but they are used with a RomFX and the size is 17mm in diameter and 2-3mm thick. I need them to be 17mm in diameter but they can be a little thicker since there is a little room for that in the hovis.
  3. Hi, I have a ROM/FX and I am curious what settings you guys and girls are using on yours? I try to get a sound close to the troopers in the movies but what about you? What settings I am using? Sorry right now my settings are not so good so...a little help getting a good setting would be cool. And of course I can do the setting myself, I am just curious as I already said.
  4. I was going to get 3,7V batteries but the place I bought the ones I have didn´t have 3,7 that was re-chargeble. Will hovewer change in the near future. Thanks for reminding me to look for them again .
  5. I just wanted all that wounder how I solved my problem. In my helmet I have one fan and one on/off button for it. Then I have the power, mic and speaker cables going from the helmet to my ammo pouch. In the pouch I also have my Rom/fx and 4 X 4 1,2V batteries. I also made it possible to disconect the cables if I need to remove the helmet and put it down for some reason. Thanks all for helping me deside how to solv my problem.
  6. If I have a hood on my head that takes most the sweat, then it should be safer. Or will the hood make me sweat even more . Yes I know I will have to do something to the batterys but I have seen alot of helmets (only on pictures) where the batterys are not protected agains moist or sweat. Maybe it's those guy's and gal's you are talking about . Thank you.
  7. Sounds like it is a good setup, will think more about this
  8. I was thinking about doing something like that but I don't want to have any cabels hanging or be in the way when I take on and off the helmet. So for now I am still gonna try have everything in the helmet. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. Here is 2 pics of the battery boxes: The white thingy you see is some tape for markings (if you wounder ).
  10. Sounds a bit sticky. I know how duct tape can be sometimes if it has been warm....very sticky. Thanks for the idea but this will have to be last on my list. Vacu forming could be good, but then I would have problem taking out the battery's. The metal thing metod sounds like an idea. I will post some pictures how it looks now and if/when I have fixed my problem. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am going to have 2 battery boxes with 8xAA in each box (yes it's 16 AA). The problem is not to have room for them, it's how I can keep them inside the helmet but at the same time easily taken off for re charging the battery's. And if you wounder why so much power, it's for a Rom/fx that is running better on 12V and for a fan. Velcro does not work since the battery boxes are open (you see the battery's) and they are also kinda heavy. // Jimmy
  12. I will try do this to my shins. But did you also glue the shins before pouring the hot water? I am woundering this because it sounds like it would be much easier to glue after the pieces are in shape with each other.
  13. Thanks Murray, when I posted the pics I realised that I had missed put the stripes on the helmet . Will do it asap. Hi th0000, Yes it does look a bit "cleaner" (a word a TD don't know ). Thanks Thaynerd, I will leave the eye bump for now and maybe change it in the future. The brow I will raise a bit.
  14. Thanks Brad . Thanks Nate, yes I will try remember the screws . The weathering will I do when all parts are done (hopefully soon). Thanks supertrooper, I will higher the brow a bit and also try get my hands a bit steady .
  15. Ok, I am almost completed with my AP helmet. There is some minor adjustments to the ears (hard to see on these pics) and maybe I try get the painting a bit better (unless you think its good enought). The aereators will be replaced with Stompers so these on the pics are only there so it don't look so empty. No, I haven't forgot to paint the teardrops, It's a TD helmet . Now I want your oppinions, thoughts, hints, laughts, cries, whatever you feel like . Ok here is how it looks and I hope no one laughts to much and fall down from the chair and breaks anything . And remember I am a novice in building things.
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