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  1. I'm getting more and more scared and confused the more I look into this and don't want to make the wrong choice for my kit<br> I am 175cm tall and 206-210pounds<br> Please help<br> The closer I get the more I doubt the choices I've made<br> Looking to purchase my kit in 1 1/2 weeks and don't want to stuff up and get the wrong kit
  2. I'm really torn between getting TK Stunt and or TFA kit<br> Tho that's probably an easy answer as its near impossible to get TFA armour atm and especially to Australia <br> Australia really sucks for postage from what I've been able ascertain, can any of you shed any light on it at all for me. <br> Also from what I've researched TK AM armour is about all I can get for my body shape and even then am going to have to mod/change the backplate from what I've read
  3. Hi all, from Adelaide Australia ive been trawling through the forums and builds now for a while and in a couple weeks will be laying down the $$ for my first set of Armour, there is truly some amazingly talented people on these forums and i thank you for highlighting and making the mistakes for us new builders. Im sure i will still make some of my own mistakes and draw on all you guys knowledge further on this journey im about to partake in. Im in contact with The Southern Dewback in my city and gotta say.....IM EXCITED!!!!!
  4. I wish someone in Australia was all over this stuff, this hobby im about to partake in is going to be sooooooo expensive, fun no doubt but expensive
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