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  1. Found my build thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38254-another-3d-printed-dlt-19/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I did and it turned out great. I believe he’s since made the files freely available from the link provided. I’ll try to dig up completed pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If you just want to send my TD clips with the fan repairs after I send those your way, that is a-ok with me. Thanks again for doing this!
  4. I totally missed the fact that I won this.
  5. Jon Haag SHA 78 Thanks for doing this!
  6. Assuming you mean SKP, but you can convert Sketchup files pretty easily to STL. Beyond that, just hold tight for him to reply I'd say. I'm not really comfortable giving out paid files like that.
  7. I got STL files from him. Just email him back and ask for the STLs.
  8. This has been my first ever large scale print & my first 3D printed prop, so it's definitely been a learning experience. If I ever make a second one of these, the knowledge from this first one combined with the improvements the artist made to the version (1.0) that I built should make for an even better/stronger construction. Thankfully most breaks on this thing should be fixable by a healthy dose of super glue and a little bit of luck.
  9. Not enough, probably 2 walls and low in fill. This was one of the first parts I printed before I realized I should be making it stronger.
  10. Took my DLT out to its first troop today, went to put the butt stock around my arm, and managed to snap the screw right off... I should have printed it stronger. Ah well. Going to sand the paint down and just permanently attach the buttstock to the receiver and call it a day.
  11. Yep, that's the diagram/configuration I used. I found a lot of variation around the web on the placement but that looked like the correct one based on some other people's DLTs.
  12. After seeing my paint job in the light, I realized I missed a few chunks so I put down one more coat this afternoon. Let it dry this evening and then decided to go ahead and dive into weathering! I used "Chainmail Silver" and the dry brushing technique. Put just a little bit in a 20oz cap and went to work. Being my first time weathering, had a few places it went on heavier than intended at the start. Overall pretty happy with how it all turned out though. Went to screw in the charging handle and realized I had let some of the XTC-3D get in the hole and it messed it up. Sanded down the edge of the hole and then tried to screw it in again... ...I broke the handle off inside the receiver... Cut my losses and filled in the hole with putty. I'll sand it smooth tomorrow and paint it. Forgot to take photos, but I wound up having to modify the bipod connection and used a screw to hold it to the barrel mount. Here it is in its 95% glory: Just have to finish fixing the handle hole and then clear coat it all. I'm going to troop with the gun Saturday and then clear coat it afterward because I want to show it off.
  13. Paint went on last night: (Subsequent coats concealed the underlying color inside the barrel better - should have printed that in black to avoid any issues, but it's fine) Being my first big printed/painted prop project, I've already learned a few lessons after this painting session. I should have worked on sanding some of the ridges where parts were joined together down a bit better, but I think I'll notice them far more than anyone else since I know what I'm looking at. I also managed to miss a few spots in my painting, partially due to having to do this outside at night. I'm going to pick up some flat black hobby paint and touch it up alongside the weathering with chain mail silver. I'm thinking that should work out ok. Weathering and touch ups tomorrow night, plus a few very light coats of flat clear coat. Hoping to be able to troop with this Saturday...
  14. Coat 2 is now curing. 120ml total of XTC-3D, with plenty left in both bottles for many more prints. Light sanding and primer/paint will hopefully go on tomorrow.
  15. Looking it over, I can't really tell. I can say that you should be able to get quite a bit out of it considering how much I've used so far and how much is remaining.
  16. It's a 2 to 1 mixture. So 20ml is part A and 10ml is part B. When I get home I'll get check the volume of each bottle for you.
  17. Probably going to wind up being 2 coats. Got derailed in my attempts to do it over the weekend - hoping to do it tonight. I've needed 2 30ml doses to do the first coat, and would imagine the same for coat 2. It's ultimately not a ton of the bottles since you brush on such a thin layer, but yeah, it's expensive either way. Does feel like it's making things a bit stronger though as it adds an additional layer of hardness.
  18. First coat of XTC-3D has cured, and second/final coat goes on tonight. This thing is tall!
  19. Makes sense. Grabbed a can of matte. Just gotta figure out what type of paint to use for the weathering now.
  20. Important question: satin or flat black paint for the DLT?
  21. There's really not much on here that has fine enough detail that it'll be lost in the coating thankfully.
  22. First coat of XTC-3D applied and now I let it cure overnight (recommended time is at 3.5 hours I believe):
  23. T Tracks! With these, all of the printing is done and 99% of the gluing is done (last bit will be attached the bipod to the barrel after painting). Now to apply the 1st of 2 coats of XTC-3D to seal and smooth everything before printing.
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