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  1. So is anyone else backing out because of how bad anovos has screwed everyone over in the shipping estimate or are you just waiting since we’ve waited this long? I was tempted to leave before they sent the last update with photos but now idk if I can put up with this for another year.
  2. Well I didn’t even see the post above mine when I was writing that out lol. But so when they say “and another month to fine tune (where we are now)“ but then “We will then send out successive waves with aimed completion before Celebration 2019.” Does this mean it will start shipping out next month or by April of 2019?
  3. Hey guys first post in this forum I’ve been following this thread though for about 6 months hopping someone else had gotten it or had any news. I preordered mine the first couple months you could and my mom got it for me as my bday present and she was excited that I could do it while I’m finishing up school at home. I feel terrible telling her every month that they’ve pushed it back or not given any update at all but I only have 1 more semester left and I’m pretty mad at anovos. How many others are going to cancel their orders because I think im going to in the next couple of weeks but I wish there was something we could do even legally that would pressure them. Also does anyone know if kb props is a reliable or accurate choice because I’m now looking at other options. Also sorry for this being so long and everyone in this forum seems like nice real Star Wars fans so just letting you know there’s others out there that are just as mad as you. -sean
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