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  1. Hi all, the project is very cool. I have all the parts connected / soldered them but cannot handle the massive feedback problem (Version 1.1 or 2: no difference). I want to have all parts in the helmet and would like to install the speaker (it's not a aker speaker) in the chin. I played with the parameters (eg. mic gain) without success. Do you have any ideas to eliminate the feedback? I also tries to isolate the speaker with foam material. In my opinion this had no effect. Anyone installed all parts in the helmet? Any advice is welcome.
  2. Hi Nik, a coworker of me told me exactly the same today. I already tested to control one LED of the 10 segment display with the analog input pin A0 and it works very well. So if the extra wire fit in the pipe, I think I implement the other 4 LEDs, too. It wars vary easy to use the analog pin. The syntax ist the same and you don't need to initialize extra libs and you don't have to implement extra methods. Very cool regards, Christian
  3. Hi all, I have an idea and perhaps anyone can help me. I plan to control each LED of the 10 segment display and not only 5 LEDs. At the moment the nano always turns two LEDs off at the same time. For instance after 8 shots the first tow of the LEDs turns off. I want that the first LED turns off after 4 short and the second after another 4 shots. Long, long ago I've learned that I'm able to get 16 states out of 4 bits. So today I googled a little bit and ordered this decoder: http://www.ebay.de/itm/231737470476?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The main idea is to get more flexibility to control the 10 segment display and you only have to use 4 instead of 5 digital outputs. If my calculations are correct I have the use 150Ohm resistors instead of the 30 Ohm resistors. What do you think about my idea? Does the decoder fit the project parameters? Can anyone help me?
  4. Hi all, here is is small update from Germany. I received the first parts of my arduino blaster build. With this parts i wars able to activate the counter nice, isn't it The trigger and reload button are working fine. Now I have to wait for the RGB LED and the sound module.
  5. Hi, I cannot download / see the schemes. Is anyone still able to see it?
  6. Hi all, I want to build an arduino blaster, too. All parts have been ordered (in three different currencies by the way) and the first parts have arrived. Yesterday I tested the Arduino and edited the blinking program. So far, so good. I have some expericences with raspberry pi but this will be my first arduino project. I think this will be very funny. Greetings from Germany and I wish you a nice arduino weekend
  7. Thank you for the kind welcome. Can anyone give me the contact of troopermaster? In the thread "The various types of armour and where to find them" I read that I can find the contact in the for sale threads when posted but I don't see one... Thank you very much. Regards, Christian
  8. Datteln? That's right around the corner. ANY advice is very welcome! I have NO clue. In the German garrison forum some people bought the RS armour and they said that the armour is very good. I think that they don't offer the hero armour if I understand it right. And on the homepage I can choose PVC or ABS but if I buy only the helmet I can't choose. Strange... At the mall moment I would buy the RS helmet ABS first and - if I don't mess it up - later the armour. Do you know both armours? Could you say something about the pros and cons? What about the price?
  9. Hi T-Jay, and thank you for the kind welcome. I'm from Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  10. Hi all, this week I jointed the German Garrison and the this community. I am 35 years old and work in a software development company. Since I saw the movies the first time (long, long ago...) I am a Star Wars fan and I always wanted to own a stormtrooper uniform. I have some do-it-yourself skills but I did never work with plastic and I'm a little concerned about this. I want to start building a stormtrooper helmet (don't know yet whether stunt or hero) and if I didn't mess it up I think that I go the next step by building the armor to become a member of the 501st. Sorry about my bad English. I hope you help me anyway. Kind regards, Christian
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