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  1. Is there any officially recognized Sniper blaster rifle for the Imperium? I have looked and I can see a few different ones on general google searches but don't know if there is a definite one for ANH and after.. Thanks for your help, Rob
  2. It breaks down into 4 parts, by removing the screws, the magazine is held in with glue, mine came off easily (In fact it came off without any effort at all), the Hengstler counter is held on with 2 screws on the inside.
  3. main diameter is about 36mm, although the end cap goes up to 43mm, but you would probably want that to open to access the electronics
  4. Starting out making my first Hasbro conversion I chanced upon this on amazon.co.uk, It wasn't much £15.39 + £6.90 delivery so I gave it a chance and was quite pleasantly surprised when It arrived... It came just stuck threw a piece of cardboard, so the packaging (If you can call it that) is pretty basic There is no lights or sound but it's a pretty good starting point I think, here are a few more pictures Here is it alongside my Hasbro blaster I'm converting Apart from the T-rails most of the rest is pretty accurate, there are a few little things, like no cocking handle and no slot the cocking handle rides on, no bayonet lug, although they did remember to not have a hole marked under where the bayonet lug fits. Also the sight is a little wrong, the front of the sight seems to blend into the rest of the sight instead of join on to the end. The selection switch also isn't there. The magazine is a little wrong and no power cylinders. Anyway here are a few more photos The seems are a bit open, but It's joined together with screws, begging disassembley and modding I'll be modding this after my Hasbro, well I may do it at the same time :-)
  5. Hi Mike, I'm new from the UK also, you got here before me but welcome anyway
  6. Hi My name is Rob, well David Robert Pemberton but Rob to my family and Friends so Rob This is my first post, I like others have ordered a Shadow trooper suit from Anovos, I also splashed out on a Storm Trooper bucket. I doubt I will be accepted in the 501st as I'm quite a bit over weight, plus am disabled, among other things my biggy is my left arm is paralyzed after a motor cycle accident over 25 years ago (so It's not going to get better) I'm while waiting pulling to bits a Hasbro blaster and converting it to an E11, I'm changing a bit more than most people do as I'm a model builder and enjoy that sort of thing, I also have parts for a resin cast coming and for fun have just bought some pvc pipe for a pipe build as well. As you can see I have hacked lots off, the conversions I have seen tend to have the counter box thing too close to the clip, I don't like the look of the extra bits sticking out from both sides of the pistol grip and the trigger looks plain wrong, so I have changed all that, It's still no way near accurate but to me even like this it looks better, I have a Doopydoos resin conversion kit on the way to kick start me, I could scratch build everything given plans but for the Hasbro conversion I think this will be enough except the sight but I'll try the one in the tutorial here. http://www.tk560.com/jegner/M19-scope-tutorial.pdf By the way I have seen glimpses of sheet metal plans for building a Sterling/E11 does anyone know where I can download them? as the links I have tried are broken, thanks
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