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    I have many interests from art to airsofting. I have taken up to trooping. Excited to get out there with my sandtrooper kit :)

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  1. Thank's Crashmann. In the future i will redirect them towards the 501st page. As i really don't want to start anything i might get in trouble with,such as stolen armour etc. Thank's for all the advice guys
  2. Think ill delete this post as i don't want to bother anyone els with this. Thanks edit: Just noticed i can't actually delete this post,So just to say no need to reply now. Thanks
  3. Thank's Just Joseph. Agreeably yes i too have heard horror stories. So maybe the best option is not to look into it, It was just an idea as i have been asked multiple times,But i forgot how many stories i have read where trooper's armour have been stolen,damaged etc. No i don't have an ID number yet,I am almost finishing off my TD with proper pauldren,boots and sides. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hey folk's!. So i been trooping my TD,And i have been suggested a number of times as a entertainer for children's birthday's/event's etc, While it dose seem like a good idea,there is obvious legal issues,I was just wondering has anyone researched into this? Or do any of you get hired for small event's such as parties etc?. As i don't want to start off anything such as hiring at event's etc without researching into it first,But i can't find any information so i am just asking here insted. I am still new to all of this. I do understand the 501st is a free hire organisation,I Just received quite a few enquires about hiring,it's a question/suggestion i have gotten non-stop since i got the suit up and about. Thanks.
  5. I wasnt sure about posting on MEPD because i am currently trying to focus on the white of a normal stormtrooper so then i can dirty it up again properly,as the current sand look im not liking so much. But thanks i will make a post on there
  6. Hey folk's. So i'm building a TD. And it's been fantasitc so far,Dispite it's not finished already i taken it to a few event's and people adored it. At the moment i have a while till my next Outing. So i am taking this time to work on it (re placing straps and positions,etc) My current problem is i don't like the way i dirtyed it,and i never put any other kind of white on it,all that was there was the normal ABS white. My current build has a sorta yellowish colour to it. So i have been looking at different spray paints and was worndering what kind of white is best to use,and any tips on spray-painting. I was also wondering if Gloss should be okay,as i been looking at this Ceramic white gloss. Thank's (P.S: i know some parts are in odd positions and bits are missing,And the pauldren is really rubbish it was a cheap one i got online,And that's what i mean by i am currently fixing it with proper straps )
  7. Hey guy's. So i have been hard at work on my sandtrooper costume,Really only need the boot's and a pauldren (got one but not sure about it). So i'm getting ready for this friday's for the love of the force convention down in manchester! So i'm writing this to ask about the 501st qulifications for backpacks. It sais for level 2 the backpack must not have personal liberties such as light's etc. I was wondering if anyone know's will it still be acceptable if i put hinges on one of the box's as storage. As i will most likely buy stuff and have no where to put it as cloak room's are not provided due to security. and a quick other question the local 501st garisson ( Sentinal Squad UK, 501st, and 99th garrison) Will be trooping,i presume there will likely be a march,even though i have not joined yet and my armour is almost up to 501st qulification. Will i be eligable to march with them/troop? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Unfortunitly I forgot to put in the inside strip! I will see if it make's any difference. Thank's
  9. Thank's,ya Zip-Kicker is going a bit too far. Thank goodness internet orders dont take long at all . Thank's alot for your help,i got a few earth-magnets on order and ill get the tape tomorrow
  10. Okay,Ill try finger bigger,stronger magnet's,Sadly the small ones i got (which where expensive) Are just not cutting it for this,Probably would rather do with a fish tank cleaner magnet. Was just wanting to see if anyone els had any suggestions,Thank's for your reply!
  11. Hi folk's. So i am getting my gear up and running,And it's been going okay. Until i started gluing a strip down for one of the arms. I don't get it,It has plenty of space to fit,and it shouldent be bending. I haven't tried a big magnet or weights yet. But i was wondering if anyone could suggest anything els. I been using E6000 and apologese if you do see how much of a mess it has made (gonna have alot of fun scraping that off) I have considered using Zip-Kicker as a replacement just for this part. But i can't find any in the UK. Any sugestions would be great. Thanks!
  12. Thank's for the help guy's. I havent watched trooper bay's video's till now,it's fantastic thank's alot.
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