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  1. I'm back with a problem : I really have hard times to find the required piece of PVC tube for the Thermal Detonator. The only 2 sizes of PVC i can find here in France are either 50mm or 63mm 50mm is too small : and 63mm too big : I measured the inner diameter of the cap and it seems to be 60mm... Do the troopers living in Metric countries have an idea where i can find the required diameter ?
  2. No problem, thank you for your encouragements on both of my threads Ok, thank you for this feedback, i will do it.
  3. Yes, and i'm close to completion ! My build thread is here : http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35241-sebastien-anh-stunt-build-thread-ata/
  4. OK, i took me around 1 year to finally take pictures and update my build thread I reduced the size of the black lines to match the stickers And add more paint on the frown
  5. Thank you for all the feedbacks, i will try to fix that gap at the end of my build. Working on the elastics to fix the legs. First i fixed a button plate and then fixed the second one with the elastic in place Moving to the shoulder straps, i add some pieces of ABS under the strap to fill the gap and then glued the strip on the chest plate I'm leaving around 3 ribs and tried to equilibrate them It's looking good :-) I then finally received my blue paint and finished my button plate
  6. Ohhh very smart ! i love it. Thank you very much man for the tip, i will try something like that
  7. I am not satisfied with the end result the plates does not stick together. Even with the belt tightened, this does not prevent the overlap and sometimes, it locks the chest plate My problem is with the shape of the plates... The kidney and AB plates do not want to stick together. I think it's related to the shape of the kidney plate that tends to go outward. Did some of you already experienced that problem ? The only ideas i have to fix this are : - Immerse the kidney plate in boiling water and try to shape it more "inward" - Reduce the length of my straps, but i'm not sure that will prevent the plates from overlaping as when pushed manually inward, plates are aligning. Any other idea ?
  8. I prepared some nylon strapping for the AB chest plate Using a soldering iron and a piece of abs as a guidance, i drill holes inside the nylon and then fixed the snaps I prepared some double button plates and fixed them on the AB plate and kidney plate End result :
  9. I installed the cod rivet and a button plate for the strap I also marked the male button on the butt plate And apply the snap rivet
  10. Great, thank you i will check ukswrath's build thread
  11. I also have another question to locate where i should add the button snaps on the AB plate to secure the belt. I checked that schema from Billhag, but i am wondering why the right button (right when you are in the armor, so left on the picture) is 28mm from the relief where the other one is 59mm ? Why do we don't centered them ?
  12. Next round ! I finished the strapping on the arms I then trim the leg ammo belt The split rivets were quite complex to deploy inside the legs, but i finally managed it I then prepared the belt platic and applied the button plates where the strapping is required I then prepared the shoulder straps And the nylon shoulder strapping Some work on the button plates I'm just waiting for the blue paint. I already used the black and grey on my bucket but as i used DaveM decals on the bucket, i forget to order blue paint. I will have to wait for it ...
  13. sorry my question is a nonsense, it's really easy to identify right and left when you put them on the floor :-) Another (more relevant) question. Which of these 2 pictures is the good one ? Picture A : or Picture B : I don't know which side i should use for the Kidney plate...
  14. for the ammo belt around the right leg, i will need to identify the legs. Both legs do not have the same length. Do you know which one is the shortest one (left or right) ? My guess would be that the shortest one is the one that should receive the ammo belt, but i prefer to be sure tank you for your help
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