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  1. Free Comic Book Day / Earth Prime Comics / Burlington, VT (all pics taken by the wrangler)
  2. I had made that assumption...good to see it was true. Prediction: Finn is a force sensitive TK >> goes rogue >> joins the resistance
  3. Just got in my armor from Paul, it all looks FANTASTIC! For those that have purchased, question on the thigh pieces. How do most people keep those up? It came with a snap mechanism near the top, but nothing to attach it too. Also, is the shin piece supposed to attach to the thigh piece, or does it just rest on the boot?
  4. Could someone please PM me infor on how to contact Darman? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the messages! I'm excited (and a bit nervous) to get going on all this. Let the research begin...
  6. Hey there! Just wanted to stop over and say hello. Brand new to all of this, and I'll admit, a bit overwhelmed already. Seems like there is so much information out there (thank you) now its time to start digesting it all and figuring out where to begin. I think I've wanted to "be a stormtrooper" since first seeing A New Hope when I was 8 or 9 years old. I learned about the 501st sometime in the past year, and I've made it a goal to make it happen sometimes in the year 2015. Whenever I see pics pop up on Facebook of a TK hanging out and DOING GOOD, it brings quite the smile to my face. I joined the New England Garrison forum this morning as a recruit as well. Not even sure where to begin looking for all this cool stuff, though I guess that's why I'm here. Looking forward to seeing some of you out there. Nick ~ a 501st Hopeful
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