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  1. I have an old fx armor set that im trying to make more screen accurate/ approve-able. Now they seem to be a little short for me. Im 6'2" and my boss was under 6 foot. It looks like he might have taken an inch or 2 off the bottom but im not really sure. Any who, my question is this. Is there possibly a trick out there that i can use to make it look right/ fit better? Or is it a wash and i should sell em and HOPEFULLY find other shins? im looking into getting boots for it as well so that might help the positioning.
  2. I recently bought an older fx armor set from my boss. and i love it (for being my first armor set). i see you split the front of the ab plate. also i have seen that the butt plate is also separate (and screen accurate). Now my question is why would you cut the plate in the front? just that much more mobility? and i know that the back SHOULD be cut but im not to sure how to make it work quite right either. any suggestions?
  3. Here are a few more picks of me having fun in the armor. (yes i was drunk lol) i can take more later in more detail if needed. =D
  4. Thank you for the Input. I think i will work on this armor for now to get started and when money permits purchase a new set of armor and retire this one to TD duty. there is great videos on trooper bay to show how to build the armor correctly so i will be basing my alterations on that. and i think the legs are to short mainly because i was wearing converse shoes and not the actual trooper boots. im sure you are right though as im 6'2 and my boss is at least 5'6ish. As for the helmet kits, i have not seen any stand alone kits for it. Can you link to me where i might be able to find a suitable helmet? i really appreciate the feed back.
  5. Ive been lerking the site for a wile, but yesterday i finally had done it. i purchased my Bosses TK armor. i will be modding it a bit to make it fit my body type more. however i need to replace the helmet because it has been yellowing. (will appreciate any insight on how to whiten it again or a place that sells helmets that will be approved). and also need to buy new boots as his size is too small for me. I cant wait for the TK suit to be just right =D
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