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  1. Hi guys I'm needing help for some lens material for my helmets, not just stormtrooper but I use it for clones bikers etc, I have been using 1mm clear acrylic with black window tint but I can never get a perfect finish, iv seen the type of material I want at t-visor.com but I want it in bulk/sheets, not buying individual visor as this would be too expensive, does anyone have any advice or ideas ? Cheers
  2. there in lies a story, I'm a member of a facebook page and was selling some figures one of the pictures had my helmet display in the background, one of the guys buying from me has offered me it, he is a decent guy not a personal friend but is well vouched for on that particular page, I think it may be an early TE helmet as it has all the lumpy bumpy bits, I'll try and post a picture for you guys to see
  3. Just a quick question as I'm not familiar with the value of this model lid, iv been offered an incomplete TE lid, comprising of face plate and cap with ears for £100 ish am going to need to buy lenses, trims, mic tips and finish painting it, Add postage onto that and is it worth the money ? Cheers guys
  4. Anyone know who does a galactic marine helmet kit ? Would love to add one to my collection
  5. Hi guys, hope someone can help, my house insurance is due and I have been advised to get seperate itemised insurance for my Star Wars stuff, I have got most of it sorted and priced but am a little stuck on pricing my helmets, I have 3 stormies there is an incinerator trooper (FX lid) has a hard hat adjustable lining, captain (FX) has a foam liner, and plain stormy (? Not sure of the make) blacked out interior with airsoft helmet gel pads as a liner, iv included a picture, know that might not be a lot of help, but hope someone could give me a rough idea, cheers
  6. Cheers guys great help as usual, don't think I'll be starting it properly till after Christmas, don't think the wife and kids would be too happy with me holed up doing the lid
  7. Have had a quick search but am struggling to find a detailed build guide for the tie fighter helmet, iv heard its a fairly simple build, but would like guidance when I come to put it together, can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  8. If you watch the preview trailers on the net and are very quick with the pause button, the armour suits look a bit 'bulky' kinda like the power of the force 2 figures that were released and muscled up, not sure I like em
  9. I searched for ages to find pieces for my first FX helmet, still not found some of the pieces, I ended up casting my own rank bumps from another lid I had and used those, for one set, and ended up getting a set of normal ears from a rt rob I think in the states anyway, and using them as I just couldn't get the normal fx ears, mine is just sat on my shelf so I wasn't bothered about time it took to make, plus iv painted it into an incinerator trooper now anyway
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search but couldn't find the answer, what size should the screw be on the ears ? I got some brass machine screws but think they are going to be a little big looking at screen shots. Cheers
  11. I currently have a stormtrooper commander, that needs his eyebrow trim, an incinerator trooper that needs ears, a plain stormy that needs quite a bit doing, and my rubies adaption that I think is just about there ----------------
  12. Hi guys anyone else get pressure of their missus about their helmets ? I currently have 4 'project' lids, I call them that so the missus thinks I'm gonna do something with them and not just keep them like I want to, all are adapted from kits, my three main ones are FX helmets and I have a rubies clone trooper build, I have recently had to sell my sand trooper custom build to help pay some car bills, which has kept her off my back a bit, but is there such a thing as having too many lids ?
  13. At the mo it is on the top of my cupboards, in my 'man cave' (spare bedroom), so the oversized lid doesn't really bother me cos seen from a distance it looks ok, but it's the blank sides that is annoying me, it just doesn't look right without the ears, I do have another lid that I "roughed up" and turned into a sand trooper helmet, but I like that too much to be out all the time, cheers anyways guys, was hoping someone would have some chucking around in the back of a cupboard somewhere that was going to get chucked away otherwise.
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