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  1. Sound good I will be sure to make it.I have one ATA and RT ordered now. Hopefully one will come out perfect, but they are both 6 months out. Almost as much torture as waiting for an NFA tax stamp.
  2. Sorry yes ATA, the Star garrison covers north texas. Still waiting to be approved to post on their board. I was hoping maybe some of their members are members here as well .
  3. Does anyone have experience assembling any AFA kits that I could hire to built mine that lives in north Texas?
  4. I just ordered an AFA kit, said it would be 6 months . Does this kit work for tall guys ?6.1 ish at 215....
  5. I have been meaning to get into this hobby for years now and i have finally decide to pull the trigger. I been wanting trooper armor since I saw Jedi in the theatre as a small kid. I have kind of put it off due to the fact that there doesn't seem to be a source with tier 1 armor you can pick up the phone and give them your card info:). Anyways, like I said I'm eager to join the 501 to do cons and charity. Firstly I will need some guidance though. I'm wanting to get some TM or RT armor but I know there may be a wait. Are these still the best kits available? I'm 6.1 at 215 lbs with broad shoulders if that helps. I have read the RT caters to the larger build. Another question I have is their anyone in the North Texas garrison that would be able to assist me in assembling my kit once I get it. I'm not very crafty at all . Also is there a kit available readily with no wait time that is good quality? If I have to wait 6 months to a year for a high end kit I feel I will end up buying two suits. I'm a little impatient to say the least. Any help would be appreciated!
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