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  1. Hey all, So I've been looking at the 501st site and check out the SpecOps section as well as doing some brainstorming. Now I see that this site is about the whitearmor, but what about "colors" because in the SpecOps section there's red and the shadow trooper as well as some others. Now I've also seen the "Army" digital cammo one, and got me thinking about painting mine a different cammo pattern. So what's the deal? Because I like what the 501st does for charities and public relations, but if I can be "original" then I'd like to. Thanks.
  2. thanks everyone for the responses. i got put on the waiting list for ATA today. it's going to be a long seven months, but i can keep myself busy. working on a Bane costume also.
  3. Hey all, I'm just a beginner to all of this, being doing alot of research....looking to invest in the ATA, but not quite sure if they have a website or what at this time. Both me any my son are HUGE fans, so this is going to be awesome!!!
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