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  1. Thanks for the info. ATA caps are made for 2" pipe so I could not make it thicker.
  2. The pipe is 2" round and 7.5" long. I hope that's right.
  3. Ok thermal detonator is done I hope! anything I should do to make it better or that is wrong.
  4. Ok so I got my armor from a guy on this site. He sold it as a TK but really it was a TD so I'm missing parts (doing a ANH TK) but that another story. So the build begins, I'm just about done with the arms and legs. Here are some pics please let me know what needs work and what looks ok.
  5. That is what I'm shooting for when i do my ATA build. Great work.
  6. Sounds good if someone would let me know when the next armor party is please let me know.
  7. Greetings to all my name is Paul and i live in Sylmar,CA. I have been thinking of building a trooper for years but never done it until now. I just bought 2 blaster from ebay and am now waiting for them to come. I'm glad i stumbled on to this site it is very helpful and there is a lot to learn from you guys. I'm already on the list for my armor from ATA and they told me they had helmets in stock so i'm thinking of getting one to start while i wait for my armor to come in. I would really like to meet some of you guys close to me and see the real stuff pictures are great but there is nothing l
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