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  1. So I'm hoping to get some tips (or if there is a tutorial out there) as to how to make myself taller and have more of a man-ish figure. I know there are several women who have done this with their own costumes and I would love to get some info. The best materials, best way to go about both modifications, as well as the cons. I'm considering doing both a stormtrooper and clone trooper in the future this way. Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi! I am from Texas, but currently I am in Idaho for school - so I bounce back and forth. I am still in the research and gathering funds phase of my TK. I'm currently looking for armor so I know what to aim for in savings. Any help would be AMAZING! as I have no idea what I am doing. I'm a woman so I also need to look into possibly getting a smaller set than usual?
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