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  1. Who should I message on fisd to get info in a TD kit build and prices?
  2. Evening everyone, my name is Josh. I'm very excited to begin work on a sand trooper. Any and all help is welcome. Just got back from Wizard World in Nashville, TN and that didn't help the nerd in me out at all. But very excited and can't wait to build a kick A armor and join the 501st. Thanks to everyone
  3. Sorry for such a long time since the post. I've been in the middle of moving and haven't even thought about checking the forums. I woud be interested in buying a kit but am not sure what all an unbuilt kit requires. I will take any help if offered. I'm ready to get started on a costume but don't know much about the process. Thanks again for all the great help.
  4. I am wanting to buy a 501st quality kit. I've been wanting a suit for a long time and finally have decided to try to find one. Any help would be much appreciated. I look at the 501st posts all the time and want to be able to ate part in all of its awesomeness. Thanks again for the help
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