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  1. Greetings everyone, My name is Shawn, i hail from Detroit Michigan. A little about me, i am an advid SW fan and until a couple/few years ago i mostly built smaller scale SW and sci-fi models. Now i am into more 1:1 scale props and have been working on a fett for the last year or so and in the begin stages of a predator build. I also have alot of various SW and other movie props that i will get to......one day. My next SW build will be a stormie, which i have been intensly researching for the past few months to get myself aquainted in whats involved in this type of build. looking forward to getting to know the community and its members here, as well as checking out all the great talents and builds members have done. Just like any forum i am a member of i look forward to being a contributing member to the community and with research and the knowlege of this site hope to reach my goal and build a great suit. cheers ~shawn
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