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    Phoenix, Arizona
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    I'm a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Phoenix, though I aim to be a freelance illustrator and T-shirt/beer label/album cover designer. That stuff is fun! I do a lot of Star wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and Game of Thrones fanart. A LOT. If you feel like seeing more about me or my work, feel free to visit my website below.

    I'm currently assembling my first ANH helmet. Two actually, a pretty cheap looking HIPS version for practice, and an ABS one I aim to make my real bucket. This is NOT coming easily to me and I have a ton of questions, so if anyone feels like sending a message, especially Dune Sea Garrison members, that would be great! For now I'll read and post forum stuff. Eventually I hope to join (get out of one military, join another, go figure!) and I daydream about being TK-1701 to commemorate the Enterprise. Yup, mashup.

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  1. on hiatus with my TK build...I'm broke :(

  2. Ignore my previous posts! I 've completed a fresh ABS helmet, and tried for a pretty high quality paint job etc. I am a stickler for detail. If interested the photos and my little tutorial can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/SarahSeabee/media_set?set=a.10200954154873714.1073741827.1161372835&type=3 polite critiques are welcome I will be switching the tube stripe decals to paint as soon as i recieve my blue paint.
  3. I appreciate the critique, always good to have an objective eye. The brow is stuck like that unless I attach the browband with glue later on and drop it in the middle. I think I will have to do that. Teeth I can easily fix! This mold is super-bad so I'm having to improvise and repair a lot.
  4. Thanks Steffen! The face and back are joined, and I was able to put the brow trim on. I've quit for the evening but will try and do the rest tomorrow, when I purchase more screws (oops). Here is a progress shot. I will do what you suggested before trying to warp it. maybe the trim will cover the imperfections! Thanks.
  5. Assembling my first ANH helmet currently. Send me a message if you feel like answering desperate noob questions! ;)

  6. I'm not sure what a sealing iron is...I'm very new to all of this. Think a hair straightener might work? I could test it on a scrap piece. Great advice! Thanks Ingrid. It does look like if i trim any more, It wont meet the cheeks properly, so I have not as of yet. I also had to assemble it with screws only, the rivets were not working very well. I'm not sure if that will discount me from entry, but I'm making a second helmet anyway so ... Very grateful for the responses! I know the 'new people posts' might be somewhat bothersome.
  7. Another update: I jumped the gun..the rivets in my package were missing so I attached it with screws. >.> practice run indeed. Learning a lot though....going to have definite issues with the ears. This stuff is so FINICKY!
  8. I sure am trying! The website keeps giving me an error with the security question. I do know my trivia and I've double checked but that stops me every time. I heard they were having an armor party on the 22nd that I would love to attend so i will keep trying. :/ and thats GREAT that they're vets! I've heard of a few guys trooping around Luke AFB.
  9. Yes..I just doublechecked...when I enter the security question it doesn't work. And I know my trivia, and doublecheck it. Please
  10. I dont think I am! I'd love for someone to contact me about that though - IIRC, I had some trouble signing up there. private message?
  11. therein lies the problem, Glen. The lines are soooo fuzzy on certain parts of the recast *thankfully not the face* that it is difficult to see. I did eventually find a reference though, and I'm steaming on ahead. Thank you for responding!
  12. Hi there. I'm Sarah, and fairly new here. My first bucket I purchased was an ebay recast from Makerofthings. I know better now, and have purchased a nice ABS ATA helmet, so let's move beyond the scolding to my actual question. The lower back edge of the helmet seems extremely irregular on my pull, and I don't see a single reference of anyone cutting that back lower edge. Is this correct? I know the black rubber trim will go on it, and make it much better, but I'm just not sure if my edge looks correct. I feel like it should be a solid curve intowards the neck rather than that curve plus an added little flip out away from the neck again. I've attached photos. I'm having lots of trouble finding references of DURING the trimming process, which I feel is the most important/easy to mess up step. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've included a shot of my facepiece, which thankfully isn't too bad a pull and trimmed pretty easily. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, got a little update for you. (disclaimer: I am aware this is a crappy recast with low detail. it was an early mistake and I've purchased an ATA bucket since then.) -I made it to PhX comicon and got way too shy to introduce myself....also distracted by the 8' tall wookiee, OMG. Great costume. You all looked wonderful, Dune Sea, MEPD. Nice turnout. I am in no way surprised that the Star Wars nerds are the cool kids at a comicon. Went and hung out with Wil Wheaton and Nichelle Nichols, looked at the art, and then the fire alarm went off. Whomp whomp. -I have started assembly! Finals have ended, I figured out my dremel now that I have spare time, and trimming is going REALLY quickly. I hope to have my HIPS ANH bucket done by two weeks from now (waiting on some parts that never showed? ) and the ATA helmet...at some point, it got mailed to my brother because he has better trimming tools and it's thicker. So I'll have two buckets. -My budget is a bit thin as previously stated, so I sold my tv..and that money is going to finish my sleeve. So we will see when I can dish out the clams for the rest of the armor and supplies. I do have the under suit and a few other things but it's the actual pulls that are costly. I'm trying to start up a T-shirt/poster/sticker store online so here's hoping for some extra income. [nobody cares about art these days *stompstomp] this is huge sorry. ok sorry about the mugshot, only photos ive got atm.
  14. In an effort to keep those curious updated: I'm about to purchase a better helmet from ATA and use the flimsy one as practice/halloween/drunken party gags. I foresee playing cards against humanity with it on So! New helmet soon, I'll try to meet the DSG guys at PHX comicon (wearing the shirt pictured left) and I got a bit of bad news as well, and will have to ask my roommate to move out for a bit. That being said my budget is officially pinched and right out of the gate I have to put a pause on this new project. The helmet is all I will get to do for awhile. I'll stay on here and keep learning in the meanttime.
  15. LOL thanks for the photoshop. Punkers, I'm not too familiar with the acronyms yet (though I look over that post at least once daily) but ill look into what youve said. It will be tough to outfit me. I'm rather bottomheavy but slender otherwise. Even earth clothes dont fit I definitely cant afford much so I will look into ATA and APThanks!
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