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  1. I took a step back and re-read what you wrote and now I understand. I had one of the walls in backwards, it wasn't holding the grip in place. I thought you were talking about the walls under the barrel. Thanks for clearing it up. I feel better and more stupid all at the same time.
  2. There is a big gap between the grip and the walls. It does not fit snug what so ever. I have a feeling they sent me a stand for a larger blaster, not Hasbro. Instead of waiting weeks for a new one, I might just Dremel the stand and give it a nice snug place to sit.
  3. I looked all over and couldn't find anyone else with this issue so I feel like an idiot BUT... I purchased the Doopydoos Hasbro e-11 stand. I put it together, I placed the blaster on it, and the blaster immediately tips over and falls off. The e-11 is so side heavy that the blaster tips every single time I place it on. All the pictures show it sitting nice and upright. Am I missing something? I even had my significantly smarter wife look and she cant figure out this puzzle either.
  4. I got the decals from TrooperBay and I'm not very happy with them. They are small and are not crisply printed, very grainy. Here is the comparison between TrooperBay (left) and Doopydoos (right): BUT with that being said, I used the Doopydoos decal and covered it with the resin i posted above. I'm really happy with the results: It has a lot of tiny bubbles but when you aren't holding it under a light, they are barely noticeable, plus it happened because it has a 1 year shelf life....and I've had it sitting around for 2+ years. Oops. Also I'm very glad the black paint didn't bleed and the resin didn't leak out of the bottom. Those were my biggest worries. I'll post more when the weather gets better and I can paint my blaster and attach the rear scope cap.
  5. Heres what I have so far. It fits perfectly on the rear scope. I'm waiting for my extra Trooperbay decals to arrive before I apply the resin, just want to see if I like their decals better. Also here is the rear cap I removed. It looks like they saved all the glue for my blaster: After dremeling, sawing, and sanding:
  6. When I buy my armor, this review alone will help me make my decision. haha Any more information on this? I did a lot of searches on the forum and on Google and I couldn't find any threads pertaining to pricing or contact info.
  7. Jeeze that looks perfect. I have a ton of those and they look like they would fit perfectly. Any suggestions for removing the Hasbro cap?
  8. The rear cap needs to be removed so I can access and modify the trigger. If I remove the cap, it'll be destroyed and I'll need a replacement. Has anyone found a surefire replacement for the rear scope cover? Large bottle cap? Modified medicine measuring cup? Cap to a pill bottle? Anything?
  9. I'm working on an E-11 Hasbro/Doopydoos conversion. Just got E6000 today but haven't used it yet but I'm curious: How do you clean the extra glue (scraping, sanding, wiping)? When is the best time to clean up the excess glue (immediately vs. wait overnight)?
  10. My lack of skills, tools, and room to build is disturbing.
  11. Any update if Doopydoos has gotten any better? I'm days away from ordering the Hasbro conversion kit but I'm hoping it doesn't take months. Also, as I was doing research for a legitimate conversion kit, I noticed threads for ANH, ESB, ROTJ E-11 blasters. Would the basic Doopydoos conversion kit qualify, despite what armor I decide to build in the future?
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