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  1. Hi All My Daughter has just started to make Handmade Ear rings that can also be used as a pin.. take a look see what you think.. she can also try and make custom items just ask .. She is trying to get this off the ground and make small business out of it ,, She had a pair on at Disney over the Star Wars Weekend, and was constantly asked where she go them from lol World wide shipping... https://www.etsy.com/shop/breadandbutterflies1
  2. Hi all,, I'm due to finish my current job after a 22 year contract so will hopefully have some time to make a start on some kits, BUT got a Holiday planed for May 2014 in Orlando and believe it or not is over the Star Wars w/end's at Hollywood Studio's so if any on here are there i may see you lol, Ive got a Yoda back pack and will have it over the w/ends so if you see me say Hi...and remind me what im missing not trooping lol,,,,allthou ive done plenty of Parades and trooping in the current job im leaving... :)
  3. Hi Guys + Girls any members on here actively play BF3, ? My Player name : Tr8ckpin
  4. think ill glaze it and keep it
  5. Hi all. Was my birthday today and my daughter has mad me a cake ....
  6. welcome from another newbie, quite a bit to take in but every one has been very helpful.
  7. No its only 10min down the road
  8. Hi all I'm Clyde (aka Jack) from a little place near Bath called Warminster, Originally from Blackpool, I have just finished 22 long year's in the army hence living down south. I have always been a big fan of star wars, and just returned from Florida whilst we was there it was the star wars weekend at Hollywood studios, totally made the trip even more enjoyable :dt: Wife thinks im mad, but after reading the forum it seems like your a nice bunch and i would enjoy it, swaping one uniform for another.. Love the things you lot do for charity and special events. Im looking forward to getting sorted and to start trooping :-) Cheers Jack
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