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  1. Hi Mark I sent you a message on your personal email - could you do a set of thigh pieces for me ?? Dave
  2. Thank you Mark Yes it went in the Junk folder for some reason. Well, I need a pair of thigh pieces. Otherwise I cant wear it and it will be pretty useless in a box. Whats your best option on getting a pair of thighs...as accurate as possible ?? Open to all options Sorry for the late reply Dave
  3. Joseph, thank you for the contacts and I'll try both.
  4. Paul, do you have any email for them please?
  5. I asked the fellow who made my AP set a long time ago but he said he did not do it anymore. Do you know anybody Brien? Thanks for any advice or help
  6. Hello all I have lost 02 thighs for my AP set whilst moving house. Does any one know where I can can get any replacements? I know the plastic colors may be slightly off etc. Help Dave
  7. Hi, just joined and hope to chat amongst you all soon enough. Just moved to Florida, Orlando area...saying hello ...in the markert for a TE2 set....as my old FX set was stolen when I was burgled last year....winner...dont ya just love the recession ! Anyway drop me a message if you have any useful intel.... Thanks Dave
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