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  1. That's sick! I want one now too! I might get one while I'm down at C7! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello Troopers! My name is Myke. I'm from Sacramento, CA. Star Wars has been with me all my life. I started costuming just a few years back, but, have been collecting since the beginning. The 1st group I joined(besides the Fan Club) is the SVRF(Sacramento Valley Rogue Force- a local FanForce group). I'm currently the Captain of the Sac area for the Rebel Legion- Endor Base where my Jedi costume: Quinlan Vos resides. I have recently acquired a ANH Stormtrooper set of armor & am really forward to mod the bucket w/ electronics. Don't know if I'll get around to finishing my clone B4 SDCC but, I will try to get done B4 the year is done. Thanks! & let's go hunt some Rebel scum! Myke Soler TK7684
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