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  1. I want to take a shot at building a launcher, but I was wondering if anyone had templates and/or measurments for the wood components.
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  3. That is the fuzzy part, I have a tough following Thomas's messages at times. Hard to know weather or not the costume would ever be approval-ale or not, either way could be fun to build it. "Good morning, A Stormtrooper with the basic armour specs of all other troopers beyond the principal filming appearance (what we now consider "Sandtroopers" is only EU in the minds of Detachment members. I am not a fan of the weathering myself, but the example you posted is well within acceptable guidelines. My only warning is not to go overboard. ¿Are you still working on your Nihilus hood? Getting the proportions and fit to closely resemble the source material really make the difference between an acceptable Nihilus and a Great Nihilus. Be well, Thomas"
  4. I know... lot of mixed signals... Anyway I dropped Thomas a message and he OK'ed it...
  5. I've been looking at the possibility of a battle damage trooper, it was suggested that the HWT would be the best option. I want to base the damage off the following image, now keep in mind I am mostly interested in the the three lines and the other burns.I figure people with experience in the HWT would know best, would burns like these be viable on an HWT.
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