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  1. So I have been trooping with a motified FX set (minus the helmet,went with AP helmet) and now want to upgrade. I aquired a AP set and just got done trimming the pieces out. This is my second build but this set is nothing like the FX. I feel a bit overwhelmed. How should I trim the ABS strips that bind the thighs, forearms etc.... Any input on this build would help me.

  2. Hi everyone out there in the Detachment! My name is Mark and I am in the process of putting my armour plan in motion. I purchased a Master Replica CE Helmet and have began the armour search process. I am 41 and remember standing in line at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood with my father not knowing what impact this movie would have on me. What is really cool is my wife is joining me putting together armour. I am a lucky guy to have a wife that want's to suit up as a stormtrooper. Anyway looking forward to learing alot from all of you.



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