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Found 4 results

  1. From the Detachment Leader Around the Detachment McQuarrie Stormtrooper Crew Attaché Call to Arms Tip of the Month Merchandise Troop of the Month Keeping Your Cool Off Topic Aloha kakou, Welcome to our long overdue FISD newsletter. Much has happened since we last wrote. Two big trooping events have gone unmentioned. Our detachment was well represented both at Celebration Europe II and Dragon Con. FISD has enjoyed, and still revels in, a long history of being one of the friendliest internet forums around. In spite of what is said erroneously about our elitism and accurnazistic costume harshing, we are actually a rather civil and community minded bunch. If you have ever frequented forums for other hobbies you will realize how peaceful and helpful FISD actually is. Because of that pleasant atmosphere we have become lax in our roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing the conduct our our members and staff. Maybe our complacency also comes from a period of being a leaderless organization for far too long. I would like to remind everyone we have a staff position called the Provost Marshall. His job is to keep order. He is the arbiter of all disputes, big and small, on this forum. It is everyone's (staff included) responsibility to alert him at the first signs of trouble. Not everyone has the capacity to remain polite during a disagreement, but luckily we have mechanisms to help out when people get emotional. I accept that we of FISD are an amazingly informed and opinionated bunch. When we disagree we usually do so with the same passion with which we freely offer our passionate opinions. With that, I ask you to please take the "Keep Calm and Click Report" section of this newsletter to heart. FISD patches went back on sale but we ran out of the blue version quickly. More blue patches are on order and should arrive in a few weeks. Keep an eye on the patch sale thread for updates. I keep a close eye on the troop reports in the Field Training Exercises forum. Here are a few of my favorite images from troops since the last newsletter. Bikini car wash fundraiser TK geronika (TK-20736) struts his stuff: Troop report machine 4165gorilla hamming it up with a TB outside Ark-La-Tex Comic Con. FISD Ambassador Clamps (Chookaboom TK-25267) gets his snack on. This is what happens when you put your armor in the dryer. EP!C fireteam's Zebrabuse (TK-77847) helps out with a scavenger hunt. SW1's (TK-7270) amazing mini TM with an equally incredible micro Boba in the UK. One of FISD's resident TKCs Thalizar (TK-3967) gets hitched in his ultra creepy Lord Adrass. My email and PM door is always open. Please let me know if you have any issues, questions, concerns, gripes, or suggestions about FISD and all things TK. With Unquestioned Loyalty and Aloha.... Eric Brager TK-9674 "Darth Aloha" Detachment Leader Current Tallies: Centurion Awards: 96 Expert Infantry Awards: 331 Fire Teams: 15 Attachés: 0 new Twitter Followers: 1047 Facebook Followers: 2024 Big welcome to our newest Fire Teams! #14 "Liberty Fire Team" from NY's Empire Garrison #15 "Alpine Strike Force" of Utah's Alpine Garrison! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Executive Officer Special Recognition to the Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper Crew The stormtrooper costume we know and love started with concept drawings that Ralph McQuarrie (RMQ) did for George Lucas. For over 30 years those of us who know and love the stormtrooper costume have always looked at then and wondered "what if?". This year several FISD members dared to make that dream a reality. Anchored by the armor sculpted by Kevin Weir (TK-812), 4 members of the UKG spent many hours getting the costumes in to a ready state for CEII. Their work is impressive, and a singular achievement not only for FISD but also for the Legion as a whole. As a commemoration, FISD has awarded the Celebration Europe II Ralph Mcquarrie troopers each an FISD Achievement Award for their amazing accomplishment. Pete Brebner - TK-2165 (stukatrooper) Billy Haggis - TK-1650 (Billhag) Steve Weir - TK-7270 (SW1) Gary Hailes - TK-2739 (89batman) Kevin Weir - TK-812 (kwdesigns) This is Billy and Pete's second award for their contributions to FISD. Beyond the fact that KW captured the utter essence of the concept trooper, he did so in an amazingly short time frame. His first post was in January of this year and 7 months later KW and the UKG debuted his armor at CEII. There are few people around that could sculpt and pull sets a new armor design that quickly. The UKG's incredible skill and dedication allowed them to assemble and fit the armor in record time as well. For those that haven't been following the RMQ thread here on FISD, Gary was recently cleared as the first concept trooper in the Legion. Congrats guys and thank you for sharing your hard work and passion. - Eric "Darth Aloha" (Detachment Leader) - Paul "Daetrin" (Detachment Founder) What is the FISD Achievement Medal? The FISD Achievement Medal award program was created in 2009 to recognize outstanding achievement or meritorious service rendered to FISD and its membership. Anyone can nominate someone for this award, though it can only be awarded by the Detachment Leader. More Info: http://www.whitearmo...evement-awards/ With Unquestioned Loyalty, Paul Hoeffer TK-8020 "Daetrin" Detachment Founder and Eric Brager TK-9674 "Darth Aloha" Detachment Leader Attaché Call to Arms Greetings troopers! Its great to see so many new folks out there coming on board with the love and desire to become a TK! I remember not too long back how my journey began with great wonder, awe and a ton of confusion. What the heck was I getting myself into? I had no experience with costuming or construction and it was information and forum overload. The fantastic troopers of this site helped make my dream come true. Specifically the members of the Attaché team were incredibly helpful getting me pointed in the right direction whenever I was unsure of what to do. The Attaché team needs a little help. We don't really have very good coverage world-wide for each of the Garrisons. Right now we only have about 38% of the Garrisons covered. I would love to get that number over 50% by the end of 2013. Do you have what it takes to be an Attaché? If you are interested, please reach out to me via PM to chat about what we're looking for. For existing Attachés, it's time for a roll call! Only a small percentage are regularly chiming in and providing assistance on the forums. Please don't get me wrong, I am sure on the local level (on the ground) you are doing great things to help troopers and promote FISD, but we need your help HERE too! I'd like to see more Attachés posting in the welcome and build threads more regularly and chiming in and taking troopers under their wing when they are from their region. If no one is popping up from your region, then "adopt" a future trooper and help them along. Troopers Helping Troopers! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Charles Bowes TK-25267 "Clamps" FISD Ambassador HOW-TO: Make waist belt rivet/snap cover How many times have you read about a trooper that posted panicked about losing a snap cover on his waist belt at a troop? How many have assembled a set of armor and found out that the snap covers on the waist belt don't provide enough gluing surface to hold it? Here is what I have come up with to solve these problems. First the list of what you will need: Propane torch, a dime, long nose pliers to hold your dime, a metal or wood dowel rod that comes close to the same size as the dime, scrap ABS, something rigid and sharp like a razor knife, 1 inch or similar size socket.Most finished snap/rivet covers are approx. 1inch x 1 inch. I mark several on the ABS to have an idea of where my placements will be. Grab the pliers and heat up the dime until red hot. Next place the dime onto your mark. Yes I wear spongebob pants...ask anyone in the Midwest Garrison. ANYWAY!!!!!!........place the dime over the socket and grab your dowel rod. The socket will provide support for the plastic around the dime. DO NOT PRESS HARD!!!! It will go right through the plastic!!!! Press gently and evenly. Lift the plastic and look how you are doing. The dime has now begun to cool a bit but the plastic is still hot enough for you to hone the shape by pushing on the dime. When you have your desired shape, grab your razor knife or sharp, pointy object, bend the plastic a little and pry out the dime. The center of the impression will want to collapse. using your finger, push out the center so it remains domed. Cut to size and you are done!!!!!!! You will want to practice on a few before you get the right look of your final button cover. Different ABS or even PVC will melt differently. The thickness of your plastic also is a huge factor to your success. Have patience and you will get the results you need! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Steve Gaza TK-4034 "Gazmosis" Imperial Attaché Greetings, troopers! In an effort to cool down some of the summer heat, the staff has been considering rekindling a universal procedure for reporting incendiary threads. While this is not a change in policy, and probably falls into the "common sense" category, I thought it would serve as a good reminder on how to keep your cool. Oh, you thought I was going to talk about fans? Sorry! What is this new procedure? Did someone say something inflammatory, overly critical, hurtful, or just plain mean? You don't have to be the victim to report it. Looking out for one another is troopers helping troopers. See also this general thread regarding forum etiquette. Clicking Report does not get anyone in trouble. It merely brings the issue to the staff's immediate attention so that we can take a look and decide how to respond. When you click report, DO NOT RESPOND to the post. A staff member will quickly review it and assess it. Communication with the potential offender will be behind-the-scenes, just to clarify things or ensure there wasn't a misinterpretation or change of heart. The poster has the option to revoke or edit the post. If you jump in with your reaction it only starts a long-winded war that becomes much, much harder for our volunteer staff to manage. If an issue cannot be settled, we (staff) may remove posts that go off the rails. This is not because we want to censor people, or because we want to sweep these issues under the rug. It is because these posts generally have zero relevance to the original topic, and there is no need to keep them. If the heated discussion has merit, it can be moved to a new thread. But usually they don't... they just serve to rile people up. This is only if we can't work something out with the involved individual(s) to edit or make effective decisions about their own posts, or if it simply gets out of hand (and is irrelevant to the thread topic). Generally speaking, we don't like to ban, suspend, or otherwise take punitive action against our members. For the most part we are all good people with good intentions, even when we disagree, and most often these issues can be dealt with offline. But sometimes someone may need to step away for a while to calm down or think things through. Unless someone is truly trolling, it is not likely to happen. We would rather work with individuals to help set things right. Remember, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU. We are not talking about censorship here, unless it's self-censorship. It's all right for people to disagree, have different approaches, and even not like each other. But the public-facing forums is not the place for hostility. It is the place for TROOPERS HELPING TROOPERS. And that is why we are all here. So remember to make mature decisions about what and how you phrase your own posts, as well as your reactions and interpretations of other people's posts. The purpose of this reminder is to help keep the boards a friendly, helpful place, especially for new people. There is nothing scarier than walking into a war zone when you have no idea what it's all about - no history of people who tend to disagree, no context for the start of an argument... and certainly it would make people feel uncomfortable posting their own question or advice for fear of starting a new war. I am pretty sure this is not what any of us want for our community. Also, I am here for YOU, the members. If you feel the need to say something and you want help phrasing it or explaining it in a way that is not likely to come across as hurtful or angry, I am happy to work with you before you post it. That is all! Thanks for listening. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Executive Officer Inform Lord Vader we have a Coin Run As we didn't do a coin run last year, FISD had to come out in full force in 2013. FISD coins are once again available for all 501st members at this thread: http://www.whitearmo...challenge-coin/ Stunning, isn't it? (pun intended) Supplies won't last long so order yours today. Once they're gone, it will be some time before we do another run. And we couldn't do a run of silver without also doing a run of gold. Yes, the Expert Infantry gold coins are back as well, each one numbered and guaranteed to be unique. How do you get one? Well, first off you have to have your EI badge on FISD. Note: these are only open not only to EI, but also to EI who haven't already bought a gold coin on a previous run. Yes, we do track these things. Get yours today at http://www.whitearmo...e-coin-40-left/ All numbered and ready to go. More merch is being planned as we type, so keep regularly checking in on the FISD boards as not all merchandise makes it to the Legion forums. EDIT/NOTE: You must be a member of the 501st legion to buy 501st merchandise. So if you are a 501st member and can't see the sales thread then you need to go here and request 501st access, use your name and legion ID and a link to your legion profile and we will get you squared away ASAP. This also sets you to 501st Member on the boards, instead of just Member. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Sam Kisselburg TK-85254 "Kessel Run" Public Relations Officer It's always great to see the 501st bringing its charity work to far-off places. This month's celebrated troop is a hospital visit in Malaysia. Small troops like this show how we bring smiles and a love of Star Wars to children all over the world. We've featured Kirby and his crew's events before, and for good reason. Their troops are always selfless and inspiring. And sometimes one person can make a big difference to a lot of people. The article linked in Kirby's field report tells a beautiful story. PHOTOS BY RONNIE CHIN AND COURTESY PICS You can read more about it with a link to the news article here. There are plenty more exciting Field Reports for your enjoyment here. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Executive Officer Troopers Marry in Australia (like Star Wars, not real ) . Two troopers tied the not in Australia recently, the ceremony was conducted by Lord Cad Vader (as he forgot his lid). There was many a tear shed by the Jawa bridesmaid and the bride's father. Once the happy couple's ceremony and photos had been completed, they decided to mark the event with some flag raising. Full story here. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Glen Rhodes TK-85421 "gmrhodes13" Imperial Attaché Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor Now with "tip of the week" and other ongoing discussions. If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories! Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st To find out what the Emperor's dancers are up to at any given moment, follow FISD on Twitter! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Sam Kisselburg TK-85254 "Kessel Run" Public Relations Officer On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff. End Transmission.
  2. From the DL Around the Detachment Legion News Tip of the Month Founder's Corner Troop of the Month Off Topic Aloha kakou, Thank you for electing me as the new FISD Detachment Leader. I am honored by everyone’s support during the election. The FISD membership does me proud every day. I will strive to live up to everyone’s high standards and expectations in 2013. A very large thanks goes to Tom Gardner (RogueTrooper) who stepped up to the plate as DL after the emergency elections. Without Tom’s encouragement, guidance, and grooming I may not have sought out the DL position. Tom was always there when I needed him via email, text messaging, PM, and long hours on the phone pouring over Legion political minutiae. Many mahalos to Tom for all he has done for me personally and everything he continues to do for the detachment. We wish him luck in the new role of the Carolina Garrison’s Commanding Officer. Of course, with every new DL comes a staff reorg. Please join me in welcoming the 2013 FISD staff, new and old: Executive Officer: LadyInWhite - Ingrid Moon (TK 6818) Deployment Officer: Locitus - Mathias Rodstedt (TK 2959) Provost Marshall: captsafe66 - Mark Ryner (TK 4584) Membership Officer: novatie - A.C. Meyers (TK 5597) Merchandise Officer: TK4205 - Wyatt (TK 4205) FISD Armorers: Funkytrigger - Phil Gregory (TK 3796) / Carbonitekid - Matt Sparling (TK 2388) FISD Ambassador: Chookaboom - Charles B Bowes (TK 25267) Detachment Founder: Daetrin - Paul Hoeffer (TK 8020) Provost Marshall Emeritus: tkrestonva - Brian Robinson (TK 2918) Webmaster/Graphic Artist: Dmian - Damian Vila (TK 7388) Webmaster: svache - Jeroen Joosten (TK 80866) Server & Forum Admin: Locitus - Mathias Rodstedt (TK 2959) Backup Server Admin: Daetrin - Paul Hoeffer (TK 8020) Backup Forum Admin: SuperTrooper - Terrell Reber (TK 1787) As I settle into the position you will be hearing about the project we have planned for 2013. There are CRL changes afoot, new tutorials, a revamp of our wiki into the TiKipedia, and of course more Troopers Helping Troopers. So far this year activity on FISD seems to be ramping up with many new build threads. Post-holiday armor purchases seems to be in full swing. We are also seeing a couple new armor types making an appearance. I enjoy watching their progress with the usual FISD keen eye. Lately the biggest forum buzz has been about Totally Killer Boots (TKBoots) temporarily stopping production. FISD has seen many new boot related questions in posts in the past two weeks. It sounds like TK Boots will resume production once they find a new supplier. In the mean time finding the right Chelsea boot and painting it is always an excellent, and screen accurate, option. If you are a maker of leather boots that pass the muster of the FISD Armorers and our Deployment Officer, you may find yourself very busy in Q1 of 2013. As most of you know from my time on staff, I have an open door policy. I encourage anyone with a user ID on FISD to reach out to me via PM if you have any questions or issues. I promise to respond as quickly as I can and with as little sarcasm as I can muster. With Aloha and Unquestioned Loyalty, Eric Brager TK-9674 "Darth Aloha" Detachment Leader Just a quick recap of community activity in FEBRUARY: Centurion Awards: 1 (total 82) Expert Infantry Awards: 2 (total 304) Fire Team Tally: 12 total, 1 new: "Endor Party Crashers (EPiC)" from Southern California Garrison. Attaché Tally: 4 new Newest Attachés: Samuel Kisselburg 85254 "Darkshadow" - Southern California Garrison David Aicher 2897 -- Mountain Garrison Sam Newcomer 54548 "TieRacer" -- Southern California Garrison Bennett Gladden 4674 "HockeyTrooper" -- 70th Explorers Garrison What's an Attaché? Someone in your garrison who represents FISD with the friendly "Troopers Helping Troopers" spirit! Is that you? Volunteer today! New member registrations: 156 Active members in forums: 292 new topics and 4074 posts Reported Field Exercises: 22 - Great reporting! Keep it coming! Scan here to live vicariously! Twitter Followers as of 1/31: 724 Facebook Followers as of 1/31: 1673 Do you know of people in your garrison who don't regularly visit whitearmor.net, but might benefit from the FISD and Legion updates, as well as tips and some community-oriented fun? Invite them to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Executive Officer It always comes up... what is this crazy obsession all about, anyway? Fans love us, but our spouses and co-workers think we're beyond help. Between the polishing and the long drives and the garrison politics and the fan noise in your bucket, it's possible we forget ourselves. Allow me to just remind you - so that you can brag to them - what this club of plastic space men is all about, in case you can hardly remember yourself. Here's all you have to say. In 2012, the 501st Legion, which has over 6000 active members world-wide, contributed to over $14 million (USD) to charities like Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as local and international charities and causes. Around $169,000 of that was brought in directly by Legion members through activities and events like Blast-a-Trooper booths, parades, and other direct fund-raisers. Nearly 200,000 toys were collected through Toy Drive efforts, including individual and garrison efforts, as well as teaming up with recognized toy drives. Those 6000 members put in over 4.7 million man-hours at events that bring awareness and fund-raising to charities. (Countless thousands of hours are also put into other activities such as parties, cons, and media appearances.) And you just can't quantify smiles, joy, fond memories, lifting someone's spirits, and making someone's day. That's a lot of time, fund-raising, and toys for great causes. And that's what we do in our plastic space suits. More information can be found in the LCO's Report to the Legion 2012 on the 501st Forums. With Unquestioned Loyalty and some help from the Bith rock stars, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Executive Officer How to Paint Your Boots White Due to TK Boots recent announcement, that they are not selling boots until a new supplier can be found. That leaves us with a few choices about our boots. As most of you know in the films they used black boots painted white, as was confirmed in a 2005 in an interview about "A New Hope." John Mollo (costume designer for Episodes IV and V) said, "The Stormtrooper boots were standard Black UK 'Chelsea' boots which were stained white. 50 pairs of boots were ordered." The soles were not rubber but leather, with a low heel. The boots were painted white for the movie. Finding correct Chelsea style boots in white is difficult, if not impossible, but you can find them in brown and black, and modify them to our needs. There are two schools of thought for turning brown or black boots white: dying and painting. In this article we will touch on both. Dying Method You will need the following. Deglazer: Available in most shoe and leather stores, can also be ordered online (see step 1 for alternatives) Leather dye: Fiebings or Kiwi. Available in most shoe or leather stores or can be ordered online. Some sort of top coat: Fiebings, or Eco-flo Available in most leather stores or can be ordered online. There are 3 basic steps for dying leather. 1. Prepare the leather boots. Using a damp cloth, apply some type of deglazer such as Fiebings Deglazer, acetone, or rubbing (or denatured) alcohol to remove dirt, old polish, or other contaminates. Some people mix in about a tablespoon or two of vinegar or lemon juice per quart of alcohol but I have heard that straight alcohol works at least 98% of the time. You will notice that the finish will be removed as well as some of the color. Even if the boots are new, you should still use a deglazer because most manufacturers use finishes, such as oils or water repellent chemicals, that should be removed so that they won’t interfere with the dying process. 2. Begin the application process. After the leather has been cleaned and prepared as recommended above, you need to make sure you mix the dye well before use. Try turning the bottle upside-down and shaking. You can apply with a cloth; however, a sponge brush works best. An alternate method for covering large areas evenly is to spray with a spray-bottle. Do not use a wool dauber or sheathing as they tend to hold back the pigments. Apply the first coat and then allow it to dry. Drying times will vary, but a second or third coat should not be applied until the previous coat has completely dried. 3. Apply a top coat to the leather after everything dries. Choose from matte, satin, or gloss finish. These are also made by Fiebings, Eco-flo and other makers, usually sold where you find the dyes or paints. This will seal in the dye and give you the desired finish. This step may be followed by a mink oil to waterproof the boots. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with your chosen product as each one may differ slightly in its recommendations. Painting Method Many people use Meltonian Nu-Life Color Spray or Angelus leather paint to make the boots white. Meltonian Nu-Life Color Spray is a leather, vinyl, and plastic paint that is sprayed on, where Angelus is a brush on paint. (Both can be found online.) The process is the same as dying. Just use a deglazer to remove the finish and wait for the boots to dry completely, then apply your paint. You might need multiple coats to get a good even look; just remember to let each coat dry before the next one is applied. Then use a top coat to seal the color onto the leather. There have been several tutorials covering this subject in the past, including, but not limited to the following: This link will take you to a thread with a Youtube video link to a tutorial using leather paint with an acetone deglazer. Nice information on the deglazing process and actual painting, but no information on durability. This link is not really a tutorial, but a list of products he used with other links. From what I have seen it appears that the painting has better results than dying; however, I don’t have any information on the durability of either. So how well they hold up after a few troops will largely depend on each individual case. Either way you should expect that occasional maintenance will be required to keep the color sharp and clean. With unquestioned loyalty, Sam Kisselburg TK-85254 "Darkshadow" Imperial Attache A Big Thanks To RogueTrooper (Tom) When elections are over and the new DL is announced, it's a bit of a lame duck time for the soon to be retired DL, especially if the DL-elect is someone already on staff. Everyone is focused on the new DL and the year to come. While that's all exciting, I'd like to ask everyone to pause for a moment and take the time to thank RogueTrooper (Tom Gardner) who stepped up mid-year to take on the DL mantle when Mason (DashRazor) had a base case of Darth Real Life and was unable to continue his duties. In fact, Tom was working as de facto DL while Mason was absent and had keep everything organized during that confusing time. Tom has worked very hard behind the scenes as well these past months, helping out Albin (Legion Founder) and working with the LMO's. He created at the last minute the excellent brochure that was handed out at C6 and is now available for local printing and use. Also, at C6 he orchestrated a nice presentation to Brian Muir on behalf of FISD as well. It's hard to describe the amount of work that goes in to running a detachment and Tom rose to the occasion and gave 100% for our community. Please raise a glass and toast him for all he's done for FISD. Thanks, Tom - this one's on me! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Paul Hoeffer TK-8020 "Daetrin" FISD Founder For troop of the month, join me in congratulating Bast Alpha's Mardi Gras Parade for Children's Hospital. On Lundi Gras, February 11th to the rest of the country, approximately 15 members of Bast Alpha visited the children confined to Children's Hospital to give them a small Mardi Gras celebration that was literally happening just blocks from the hospital. We played games with some of the kids that could come down to the auditorium where they participated in face painting, mask making, and other activities. Then we marched through the hospital with the children, passing out beads to other children, their families, and staff, ultimately finishing in the lobby of the hospital. Several members were then taken upstairs by staff to visit the kids who couldn't come out of their room because of risk of exposing them to infection, including the brave young man, Sam. He was confined to his room, with pretty much only a TV to keep him company. By the time Vader came through the door, his eyes were as big as saucers. We talked about his love of Star Wars and I believe we made his day as much as he made ours. Definitely the most meaningful troop I've ever had the pleasure of attending. With Unquestioned Loyalty, David White TK-8453 "niugnep" Imperial Attaché What Other Props Do You Make or Collect? A nice thread with some very cool props, click here. Harlem Shake Well it's one of those things, you either love it or hate it but here are a couple of examples here and here. Stormtroopers in Disguises With being crispy clean and white we do tend to stick out in a crowd, so here are a few attempts to blend in. 30th Anniversary of ROTJ is This Year Big year for you ROTJ Stormtroopers! Maybe we can get a few of you together for a shoot. For those of you who don't know of the massive differences in the armor have a look here. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Glen Rhodes TK-85421 "gmrhodes13" Imperial Attaché Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor Now with "tip of the week" and other ongoing discussions. If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories! Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st To find out what the Emperor's dancers are up to at any given moment, follow FISD on Twitter! With Questioned Sanity er Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 “LadyInWhite†Executive Officer On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff. End Transmission. This post has been promoted to an article
  3. From the DL Around the Detachment Tip of the Month Trooper of the Month Troop of the Month 2013 Challenge Updates Swag Report Off Topic Greetings Fellow Troopers: We Have Reached 300 EIB's: That's right, Troopers, it is a day of celebration for the Stormtrooper. It has been a long and arduous journey for the White Imperial Armor Clad Soldier. I know when I say this that I am not the only one that feels this way. There has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into getting the Stormtrooper Detachment's first level artisan program from concept to what it is today. A major hats off to everyone that has been a part of helping this program to have the success that it has achieved to this point. A special "Thank You" goes to the Detachment Founder, Paul Hoeffer (Daetrin) for his unwavering belief in this program. This has not been an easy journey nor an overnight success. The EIB program originally met with skepticism and somewhat of an antagonistic response of a faction feeling like it was a form of "elitism", which it is truly not, but merely wanting to putting your best foot forward and showing your pride for the TK. Over the past few years now, it has become a lot easier for most people to do their TK build straight out of the gate to EI or even to the Centurion level. I attribute this to the awareness that this website and all of its members has brought forth and have passed it forward to the next generation of TKs. So celebrate tonight ladies and gents, 'cause the next part of the journey starts tomorrow to achieve the goal of half of the active Legion TK's becoming EI. Fere Centum Centurion: The highest level of the FISD artisan program, which is Centurion, is close to reaching the 100 mark. I find this to be "impressive, most impressive!" This level has grown exponentially compared to its predecessor, the Expert Infantry. This, however, is not to take anything away from the Expert Infantry, because it was the building blocks for the Centurion. I know everyone that has participated in the Centurion program should feel a sense of pride to know that this program, which only had its first inductee back on April 22, 2011, Mathias Rodstedt TK2959 (Locitus), has reached almost 100 members in less than two years. So keep up the great work, Troopers. The Emperor is proud!!! Elections: Legion election time is upon us. There are three phases to the elections. Each phase will last five days. The first phase is nominations and the deadline for nominations will conclude on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time or 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (please reference your time zone and what country you are in). After the nomination phase, if there are two or more nominations, the Q&A will start, which will last five days. Then after the Q&A phase, the voting phase will begin and last five days. The voting will conclude on Friday, February 15, 2013. If there is only one nominee that accepts and goes unchallenged, then after the nomination phase is concluded, the one nominee will automatically be appointed the position without going through the other two phases. Right now, as it stands for the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, TK 9674 - Eric Brager (Darth Aloha) is the only one that has accepted the nomination for Detachment Leader of the whitearmor.net. There has been a lengthy list of nominees that have declined and are listed below: BH 060 - Roberto O Suarez TK 394 - Christopher Moody TK 671 - Mark Allanson ID 1548 - Gina C Canady TK 2257 - Kristi N Haney TD 2886 - Terry Chui TK 2918 - Brian Robinson BH 2950 - James Holliday TK 2959 - Mathias Rodstedt TK 3765 - Troy D Rule TK 4034 - Steve W Gaza TK 4251 - Raymond D Nichols TK 5430 - Brack Lee TK 5940 - Thomas S Gardner TK 5955 - BJ Savage TK 6042 - Richard Vincent Lindsay TK 6726 - Charlie Judd TK 6818 - Ingrid Moon TK 6953 - José Francisco Fernández Podadera TK 7388 - Damian Vila TD 7435 - Darren Haverstock TK 7580 - Dennis Hahn TK 7586 - Daniel R Nickeson CC 7602 - Brian J Anderson TK 8020 - Paul C Hoeffer TK 8151 - Jim Peternel TK 8351 - David Jarvis TK 8541 - Noel A Green BH 9742 - Grant Thomson It is an honor to serve in the position of DL or CO, which I know about first hand. It is not a task that should ever be looked at as something you do for "bragging rights" or as a "status symbol." It is simply making a concerted effort to further benefit and make sure that you do the best for all concerned. So if anyone that is considering running, please understand what is involved before throwing your bucket in the ring. As you can see, I am on the decline list for nomination for DL. I wanted to first say that it was not because I did not care or want to serve all of you in some capacity. It has truly been an honor to serve as your DL, and prior to that as the XO and Tactical Officer when I first started on Staff. I have enjoyed serving and working along side you in trying to benefit all TKs. I have been asked and accepted the nomination for CO of my Garrison (Carolina Garrison). It was a hard decision for me to make because I consider both the FISD and the Carolina Garrison to be my family. I am not going to go "rogue" on you. I still care deeply about the FISD and will be an active participant. I thank all of you for believing in me. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Tom Gardner TK5940 "RogueTrooper" Detachment Leader Just a quick recap of JANUARY's activity: Centurion Awards: 7 (total 81) Expert Infantry Awards: 7 (total 302) WE DID IT! Fire Team Tally: 11 total, 0 new Attachè Tally: 1 new Newest Attachès: "niugnep" TK-8453 (David, Bast Alpha Gerrison) What's an Attachè? Someone in your garrison who represents FISD with the friendly "Troopers Helping Troopers" spirit! Is that you? Volunteer today! New member registrations: 135 Active members in forums: 327 new topics and 5331 posts Reported Field Exercises: 14 Check here to experience them all! Twitter Followers as of 1/31: 670 Facebook Followers as of 1/31: 1580 Do you know of people in your garrison who don't regularly visit whitearmor.net, but might benefit from the FISD and Legion updates, as well as tips and some community-oriented fun? Invite them to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer HOW TO: Keep your Shins from Spinning I help a lot of new troopers, and one of the big issues that comes up is the issue of twisting shin armor and boots popping out from under the armor. I don't have this issue so I didn't have any great advice to give except what was in my imagination. Doing a little research, I found these two tutorials that provide two potential solutions for the twisting shinsters. If you read the comments, too, you'll find a few more great ideas including foam (a common one). Meanwhile, for those of you with tornadoes for legs, try one of these. And if you've tried them and they didn't work, leave a comment about why it didn't work. Your experience, good or bad, can help others find a solution for their issues. VELCRO TABS by Peter (2013) SNAP TABS by Scott TK1491 (2009) With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer We are thrilled to announce January's Trooper of the Month, (Joey) José E. Eguía, M.D. - "TK-2126_MD." Joey founded the Bolivian Outpost in 2008 and was the first TK in Bolivia. Joey has been the sole proprietor, chief cook and bottle washer until November of 2012 when the second member was inducted. Some may look at this as being slow progress for the 501st, but Joey has kept a positive attitude and inner strength that I don't think most could have done in the face of what repercussions could arise from the government of Bolivia, if found out. Their laws are extremely strict and what we take for granted, and the privileges with what we do in the 501st, is a prosecuting offense in Bolivia. Joey has not only stayed strong in Bolivia, but has also been a mentor to other struggling Outposts in other countries, all the while never "chest thumping" or looking outwardly for adulation, but being the good guy he truly is. If anyone has ever met Joey in person, which I have had the privilege of doing, you would know when I say this that he is like Santa Claus wrapped in bacon. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Tom Gardner TK5940 "RogueTrooper" Detachment Leader January wasn't the most active month, it seems, at least not for FISD members. There were birthdays and book signings with our 501st fave Timothy Zahn, and a lot of fun-looking troops and parades for many purposes. But the eye-catching and good-will Troop of the Month award for January goes to the Adler Planetarium "After Dark" troop! (Main mission report on page 3.) With 10 TKs and over a dozen other troopers, the troop supported "Geek Chic" night, an adult-only party to bring funds and support to the museum and planetarium and raise awareness of how much fun a planetarium can be. In addition to a great troop, the event resulted in some stunning photography by Matthew Crowley to capture the event. Congratulations to the Midwest Garrison for a Troop of the Month that is out of this world! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer In December I started a thread asking for people to post their 2013 goals. Although it didn't have to be costuming or 501st related, a lot of the resolutions show our club's "addictive nature" as some might call it The main purpose is to highlight some of our FISD members and see them "under the bucket." This month we'll follow up with TK-5376, Keith from the Golden Gate Garrison, who has been working on his officer (ID) and Sith Acolyte costumes. He'll be posting updates here so we can prod him along. I also want to highlight a trooper who knows first-hand what our club and costumes are all about. This is Dan Bergeron, TK3967, who is battling illness with his inner strength and a great attitude. His goal is to kick cancer in the backside, and it really gives him an excellent perspective that can remind all of us what life is worth. So never forget why we are out there as "Bad Guys Doing Good." For all the squabbles and squawking, the armor fussing and the long waits, always remember what it's really about! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer Show off your FISD Pride with these awesome detachment-related items. 4-inch Decals with UV Lamination EIB Expert Badge Decals 5th Anniversary Trading Cards More FISD Decals FISD "Troopers Helping Troopers" T-shirt And other great stuff just awaiting your feedback and declaration of interest! CLOSED: FISD Patches & Rockers, Beret Flashes With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer I've been seeing a lot of funny photos posted of late and also some great reads, so I thought I would share some of the threads with you. Stormtrooper Inspired Creations For those of you interested in things created from the inspiration of Stormtroopers, check outthis thread. Made Me Laugh a Little A nice collection of star wars themed pictures can be found here. Journey Into Nerdom Share your nerdy stories on this thread. What Does Your TK ID Represent After reading some threads and seeing that some of you use special dates in your lives for you TK ID I thought I would start this thread to share. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Glen Rhodes TK-85421 "gmrhodes13" Imperial Attaché Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor Now with "tip of the week" and other ongoing discussions. If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories! Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st To find out what the Emperor's dancers are up to at any given moment, follow FISD on Twitter! With Unquestioned Loyalty for Dark Chocolate, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 “LadyInWhite†Public Relations Officer On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff. End Transmission. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. From the DL Around the Detachment Tip of the Month New Year, New Attitude Trooper of the Month Troop of the Month FISD Web Site What's Up Swag Report Off Topic Greetings, Fellow Troopers, I would like for everyone to take a moment of silence for our most recently fallen TK. On January 5th, 2013, Mandy Zehner (TK-51110) of the Northern Darkness Garrison, passed away unexpectedly. Mandy acted as support for her local 501st at several events in Northern Indiana. She had completed her Stormtrooper build and was excited about becoming a full member of the 501st, but unfortunately did not get the chance to submit her application. However, since her passing, Mandy's costume has been approved and her TK-ID assigned. Mandy was the wife of Andrew Zehner (TK 25866), the Northern Darkness Garrison GWL. Our condolences go out to Mandy's family, friends, and Garrison. Mandy is now enshrined forever as one of our Eternal Legionnaires. You can show your support by signing Mandy's guest book. Journey Of The 300: This is the Empire!!! Just like King Leonidas and his loyal Spartans, the battle for 300 EIB TK's was a hard one and we are still 2 short of hitting that mark. 300 EIB's will be a great victory for the TKs and I am extremely proud of those numbers, but, the war is not over. The 300 mark represents well over 10% of the Legion's active TKs. Currently we have 2,468 active TK's and with the Legion coming up on its 16th year, we still have a long journey. I would like to see the ratio reversed with the 10% being non EIB and the 90% being EIB TKs. So to be able to reverse this ratio, anytime that you are out at a troop, whether you are a veteran or a new member, get involved in promoting the EIB artisan program. Explain that it only takes a few more steps and not a lot of time and money to take anyone's TK to the EIB level. Be an ambassador to the program and show that it is not about "elitism," but about pride. Heavy News About The HWT: I am proud to say that after many years, the Heavy Weapons Trooper, aka: Shocktrooper, from Star Wars: Battlefront, is now under its proper designation as a TK. Since the inception of the costume, it has been incorrectly categorized as a TD (Sandtrooper). This has been troublesome to a many people for a while and needed to be cleared up. The sniper knee plate and abdominal detailing to this character clearly showed that it was based off of the ANH Stormtrooper and did not have the characteristics of the Sandtrooper diamond knee plate and missing ab detail. So the Heavy Weapons Trooper is now in its proper category. So all you Heavy Weapons Troopers, wear your TK proudly! A special Thank You goes out to Ken (Muppet) LMO for working with me on this, and bringing home the Heavy Weapons Trooper to it proper designation. Touching On Basics: In the spring of 2012, the FISD had discussions and polls on basic standards for the TKs. Some of these standards should have been baseline from the inception of the CRLs, but it is not as clear cut and as easy as some may think. After 3 LMOs this past year, I am proud to announce to everyone the addendums for the basic level have been greenlit and the work on the changes/updating is currently being done to the CRLs. Some of the basic addendums range from holster placement and attachment, correct belt material, gasket mold trimming to the ROTJ style, etc. You can refer back to the discussions and polls that are found in the Detachment Only section of the FISD web site. This is a great victory for the TKs and makes the journey for anyone starting out a new build to more easily understand the variations to the TKs. It makes the journey to EI, if they are wanting to go to that level, an easier process as well. 30 Years: 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Return of The Jedi. This movie brought forth a new variation of the Original Trilogy Stormtrooper From starwarshelmets.com: "For Return of the Jedi, Made 1981/82, the Lucasfilm needed a significant number of Stormtroopers for the Death Star and Endor scenes - far more than were left over from ESB (themselves hand-me-down's from ANH). They therefore produced 50 or so new Stormtrooper helmets and Armor sets, basing the design on effectively a "recast" of an earlier ANH/ESB helmet and armor. Because of this recasting process - the ROTJ versions made in 1981/82 look significantly different from their ANH/ESB counterparts. The design was amended quite significantly by the prop makers in London from the ANH/ESB look (although partly so by accident) and it features a taller, almost squashed or streamlined look with thinner ears. The majority of the helmets had green bubble lenses". To date there are 24 active ROTJ TK's in the Legion. I know there are a lot of people out there that only embrace the ANH versions, but I hope to see a lot of you looking for your next brown box and starting your build of the ROTJ to commemorate this chapter of the Stormtrooper. We've got to show "them Ewoks" who's boss. Because I believe it was the tree dodging Scout Troopers who lost the battle of Endor for the Empire and not the Stormtroopers (Just kidding, Biker Scouts)... I also blame the AT-ST drivers, as well. LOL!! 2013 Elections: It is that time of the year again. We are on the threshold of Legion elections (February, 2013), not only for Legion CO but for Garrisons, Squads, and Detachments. At this time, I will announce that I will not be seeking re-election for the FISD Detachment Leader. I have been asked to take on some other tasks elsewhere. I feel that it is not proper to try to divide my time and not be able to do either task its justice. For anyone who decides to run for DL, I wish each of you the very best and good luck in the race. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Tom Gardner TK5940 "RogueTrooper" Detachment Leader Just a quick recap of DECEMBER's activity: Centurion Awards: 5 (total 74) Expert Infantry Awards: 13 (total 295) + 3 (TK-11038 did 4!) Fire Team Tally: 11 total, 0 new Attachè Tally: 3 new Newest Attachès: "gmrhodes13" TK-85421 (Glen, Terror Australis), "Vader Rocks" TK-32380 (Jim, Bloodfin Garrison), "svache" TK-80866 (Jeroen, Pacific Outpost) What's an Attachè? Someone in your garrison who represents FISD with the friendly "Troopers Helping Troopers" spirit! Is that you? Volunteer today! New member registrations: 105 Active members in forums: 242 new topics and 3968 posts Reported Field Exercises: 26 Check here to experience them all! Twitter Followers as of 12/31: 588 Facebook Followers as of 12/31: 1533 Do you know of people in your garrison who don't regularly visit whitearmor.net, but might benefit from the FISD and Legion updates, as well as tips and some community-oriented fun? Invite them follow us on Twitter or Facebook. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer This month's newsletter tip comes from SIMpixels and is all about holding your biceps in positon. Some do not need to do this as their biceps fit snuggly but for those of you who have biceps that like to walk up and down your arms here is a tip for you. Simon writes: Start with a 22x90mm offcut of 2mm ABS, shape the corners to make them less likely to give you yet another armor bite, mark and file the grooves to help with the bending. Warm with a cigarette lighter or heat gun slightly, one bend at a time, pressing it against a flat surface until you have the shape needed. Sand smooth and glue in place. Done. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Glen Rhodes TK-85421 gmrhodes13 Imperial Attaché Ah, welcome, 2013! So far the universe has endeavored to throw me a broken finger, then un-break it (don't ask), turn my sunny La-La Land (So Calif) into something resembling Winter (brrr), and a few other minor travesties. But I am an elite Stormtrooper! Bring it on! ELECTION ALERT 501st Legion Elections are coming up, in case you haven't quite realized what time of year it is, or if you're a relatively new TK. Unlike our emergency detachment elections last Fall, this is the real deal: You'll be voting for your Garrison officers, your Legion officers, and the Officers for all the detachments you officially belong to. The election process has a few steps, and I'm sure they'll be outlining them on the web site soon, but my understanding is that the process begins at the beginning of February and office begins March 1, 2013 for the following 12 months. Meanwhile here is a big announcement. Be a good trooper and VOTE! That means making sure your 501st Legion profile is up to date, including detachment settings! RESOLUTIONS ABOUND There are those who make new year resolutions and those who don't... In any case I put up a 2013 Challenge so we can help, admire, and support one another's goals for the year. For some it's losing a little weight to fit that TK better, and for others it's a long list of new costumes. Look through and add your thoughts. There is proof that writing goals down makes it more likely you'll achieve them. If I have the good fortune of continuing this post of Public Relations Officer for our beloved FISD, my plan is to check in on some of the troopers who have posted interesting resolutions and see how they're doing. They'll then get a boost of support from our community. Happy all around, that's how I roll. HOW FX IS LIKE A USED CAR Last but not least, I had a thought about those TKs who love their FX armor and lids, and why, despite so many great options, they like what they already have. I began to understand this feeling when I realized how attached I am to my 1999 Honda CR-V. Some people prefer to lease a shiny new car every 2-3 years, but my car and I have some very memorable adventures behind us and ahead of us, and I simply can't give it up. Three new model upgrades and better engines have since passed me by, and yet with 193,000 miles, even after being rear-ended twice, a non-working clock, the occasional electrical short in my dome light (when turning left), and a new transmission, I would not give up my car for a new one if YOU paid ME to do it. Sure, I would look more modern, get better mileage, save in gas money, and could even get a shiny white one. However, I would be giving up invaluable interior volume, a driver seat that is already form-fit to my bum, a lot of "knowns," and the pride I get for continuing to own and drive my old "red dog" as the original owner. "It was good enough then, and it's good enough now" pretty much sums up how I feel about my car. I will drive it into the ground. Now that I have put myself in the headspace of the FX guys, many of whom have been trooping for longer than I have known the 501st exists, I feel less inclined to pressure them. I'm not saying I don't very much prefer a new lid over the FX lid, and wish they'd all upgrade at least that part - I'm simply saying "I get it." So no pressure, guys. You are TKs, too, and part of our community if you still want to be. I'll continue to provide and evangelize the options, but you are free to drive your old car into the ground right beside mine. As long as it's white. Everyone, of all armor types: ENJOY YOUR NEW YEAR! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer While bearing news about the Trooper of the Month is usually a happy occasion for most to write up, I do have to say it is with mixed feelings now that I am writing this. This month’s winner is TK-5707, Ed or Edwin in real life, husband of Femtrooper Julie and member of the Pacific Outpost. Or better yet I should say: ex-member of the Pacific Outpost. Thing is, they are being reassigned to the MidSouth Garrison in Tennessee. Personally I have never met anyone as open and friendly as Edwin (and Julie likewise). He would invite people over that were complete strangers but that shared an interest in the 501st to hang out and talk about the 501st and while they were over, it was not uncommon to fire up the grill and have them stay for dinner as well. He made you truly feel at home. If there was a trooper from another island (or even troopers from out of state) that needed a place to stay while here in Hawaii, they had a bed available. When troopers from out of state visited, they would often make time and take them out for a drink or dinner, most often to the local Hooters restaurant. I don’t think I need to tell you why, of course Whenever he had time, and even when he couldn’t be around, he would open up his house for armor parties. If you did not have a license or car, he would pick you up and bring you home again, even if that meant a 20 mile drive. He worked two jobs, and still made time in between those jobs to talk to you, to help you out, or to be at his place to do some fixes on your armor before he had to start his second job. Ed is the kind of guy that gave me his prized TE2 armor for a day so I could troop along while waiting for my own armor. It could easily happen that if you were working on something that he would ask you if you had a certain tool and that he would just give it to you, no strings attached. It is how I ended up owning my own Dremel, he gave me his simply because I did not yet own one. He even went so far one time to actually give another trooper his AM armor to be able to troop as a TK. There are numerous examples to name why Edwin became Trooper of the Month. We talk about "Troopers helping Troopers" on FISD and Edwin (and Julie likewise) is the perfect example of a trooper helping others! For them to trade sunny Hawaii for Tennessee is a huge loss for the Pacific Outpost and a big gain for the MidSouth Garrison. Edwin, congratulations on becoming Trooper of the Month, and from the whole detachment we say: Mahalo nui loa no kokua. A hui hou kakou malama pono! (Thank you very much for all of your selfless help. Take care and until we meet again.) We will miss you! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Jeroen Joosten TK-80866 "svache" Imperial Attaché It has definitely been a slow month for trooping! I can imagine all you TKs are as eager to get back into that shiny white plastic as much as I am! I have the honor of writing up Troop of the Month and I am pleased to announce that Oregon’s Cloud City Garrison annual Salvation Army bell ringing troop is it! You can check out the insightful and amusing narrative, written by the Hawaiian native (who made a cameo at the CCG’s troop) right here. There were some very well done holiday-inspired costumes, complete with candy cane blasters, mistletoe, Santa hats, a jet pack wreath and even a bright red under suit. So let’s give the amazing folks of CCG and one very chilly Eric a solid pat on the back for their efforts to bring smiles to faces and working their plastic-covered butts off for charity! Way to go, guys, you deserve it! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Andrea TK-6093 "Pickles" Imperial Attaché (And for the funniest Troop of the Month, click here!) Our forum website saw a handful of really minor changes in December that most members may not have noticed. Most notable is the addition of a slider with recent photo gallery images on the main home page. Colors were tweaked in the 2012 skin as well. The main menu tabs changed too. We added an "About FISD" section that includes our mission statement, a list of current FISD staff, and an all-new FAQ written by our DL, Tom. A blog-like "News" page was created to archive our newsletters. You may also notice a new FISD award under some people's name when they post. Anytime one of your posts is promoted to become an official tutorial you get a contributor badge. In lieu of my usual boring web traffic stats, here is a list of the top 10 web searches people used to get to the forums in the month of December: whitearmor.net fisd tk boots fisd forum e-11 blaster scope www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/47-detachment-merch/ 501st legion mp3 loop tk e11 stormtrooper holster stormtrooper inner drop boxes e11 doopydoos selector switch e-11 blaster resin kit t21 blaster rifle stormtrooper commander http://forum.whitearmor.net/ fett esb reference gallery victoria bc stormtrooper aker amp speaker modification stormtrooper forearm strip size? white armor how to make stormtrooper mic tips More additions are in the works. Keep an eye on the menu bar in January. With Aloha and Unquestioned Loyalty Eric Brager "Darth Aloha" TK-9674 Chief Tactical Officer Show off your FISD Pride with these awesome detachment-related items. FISD Patches & Rockers, Beret Flashes 4-inch Decals with UV Lamination EIB Expert Badge Decals 5th Anniversary Trading Cards More FISD Decals Upcoming FISD "Troopers Helping Troopers" T-shirt And other great stuff just awaiting your feedback and declaration of interest! With Unquestioned Loyalty, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 "LadyInWhite" Public Relations Officer Troopers Share Your Stories or Experiences For those of you interested in telling your stories, experiences, or just reading others', have a look at this thread. There are some very interesting stories from the perspective of Stormtroopers already on there. Did you know you the TKs on the first Death Star were ordered to miss Han and Chewie? Of course they were... "They let us get away." And completely off topic, in case you haven't heard yet: The White House is NOT building a Death Star. So we TKs are stuck here on this planet until further notice. See the funny, actual reply on Gizmodo. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Glen Rhodes TK-85421 "gmrhodes13" Imperial Attaché Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor Now with "tip of the week" and other ongoing discussions. If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories! Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st From crazy TK merch findings to minute-by-minute Death Star climate control updates, follow FISD on Twitter! With Unquestioned Loyalty Ringing In the New Year, Ingrid Moon TK-6818 “LadyInWhite†Public Relations Officer On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff. End Transmission. This post has been promoted to an article
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