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  1. Thank you so sooo much for your replies. Incredibly helpful. I will definitely look more into these links. To be honest I think my Dad really wants to wear the armor and just be part of the charitable events. He’s excited to see the joy and thrill on the kids faces. And live that childhood dream of being a trooper. If anything I’m more into the nitty gritty details of which TK. But I’m thinking TK ANH Stunt. This a project we want to work on together after being apart for so long with the pandemic.

    It seems like there is a lot of emphasis on selecting the vetted vendors. Is it because they use a direct lineage of molds that come from the armor from the films? Or is it simply a matter good quality and materials? 

    is EVA foam an approved material? And what does HIPS and ABS stand for? I know it’s the type of material. I’m familiar with PVC but not the other two. 

    Or maybe point me to a glossary for all the abbreviations


    Thanks again for the tips and help. Looking forward to this project and bonding with my Dad. 

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  2. Okay! I feel like an exasperated Rapunzel trying to explain her situation to the ruffians at the Snuggly Duckling. Sorry if the analogy is lost with my fellow Star Wars fans. Haha!


    I’m brand new to all of this. I’ve never built a costume and not even close for 501st Legion approval. I’ve been diving into the 501st website, this forum and my Garrison websites and this is a lot to take in. Very cool and I want to get involved, but so much. With that said, I’m feeling pretty confident in navigating my way around. And most people I’ve come in contact with all circle back to this forum. 

    I’m on a mission to get my Dad started on his TK costume making (why is it called TK? What does it stand for?) and 501st Legion approval. I thought it would be a nice gesture to get him started with a helmet for Christmas. I’m happy to build one, but I would love for someone to explain to me why this helmet on Amazon is not approved:



    I’m a very visual person so comparison diagrams and photos help a ton. To me this helmet looks a lot like the ones I’m seeing built here (sorry if that’s insulting I don’t mean to insult. Again, noob here just wanting to learn from the pros).


    What’s the price range for a basic helmet kit? Vs a pre-made/commissioned one? I’m hoping to keep it under $130. My siblings and I want to pitch in together.

    And are all the helmet accessories mandatory (ie bucket fan, voice altering system, etc)? again sorry for my lack of vocabulary/knowledge on the subject. 


    If any of you are in the Golden Gate Garrison or the Central California Garrison I’d love to chat some more. 

    I have more questions, but I’d like to just start with the helmet to get things rolling. 

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