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  1. TK - 32420 (Legion ID)

    ESB Stormtrooper (RS Commision)

    Oklahoma Garrison - OK501st.com


    Requesting 501st Stormtrooper Status for FISD. Just accepted in the Legion officially today. I will attach my 501st.com profile as soon as it's uploaded!


    Edit: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=34638&costumeID=126

  2. 14 hours ago, TKSpartan said:

    Great Rob! good luck with your 501st  submission . :salute:

    Thank you very much! Hopefully the Deputy GML is able to get it reviewed and sent on!


    I'm happy to begin this journey after soo long. Just wish I could've been in costume for all the new releases we had these past few years!


    Oh well, there shall be plenty more if Dave Filoni has anything to say about it! 

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  3. Thank you! I hope to get basic approval in the next few days! If all is well, maybe I can begin to submit for EI after I do my first troop in the armor. :dancing-trooper:


    Break it in, so to speak.


    Can't wait to just be an official member of the 501st after 17 years of window shopping and drooling! Being L2/L3 would just be icing on the cake!


    I'm definitely gonna have to make some minor adjustments for EI, but nothing major. RS Prop Masters does a really good job.

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  4. On 2/16/2022 at 4:16 PM, justjoseph63 said:


    Welcome to the forums, Rob!  Always happy to help, so never be shy about asking questions, sir.

    I'm super excited to begin the journey to L2 and possibly L3! I have wanted a TK from RS for a while now, I've also wanted to join the 501st for a long time as well. So this will be exciting for many reasons!


    Thank you for the kind words my friend! I look forward to advancing and asking any questions that come up!

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  5. 6 hours ago, Sly11 said:

    Hi Rob and welcome to FISD.

    I love that you have plans to take your armour to centurion level and wish you the best of success on that journey to level 3 approval.

    Hey boss! Glad you stopped by! I'm very excited to start my journey to L3! It has been a dream of mine since FX kits were all the rage. So it's been a long time comin, but the time is getting closer with each day!


    All starts with Basic Approval and as soon as I have that, I'll be prepped to make the jump for EIB! Then it's only a matter of time until I've got L3 standards met!


    Besides Centurion just sounds cool.

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  6. On 2/14/2022 at 3:46 PM, TKSpartan said:


    We are three in the team and we  take the reviews in order of appearance , it would be possible but any of us will be happy to assist you.


    Sounds like a Plan! I look forward to working with whoever gets the assignment! I'm just excited I'm so close to 501st Official! I've been doing stuff on the side as an Unofficial Member in a highly modified Rubies TK, but everyone knows it costs too much to truly convert one of those piles of hot trash. XD



    On 2/14/2022 at 3:50 PM, Chemi said:

    Hello Rob!!! Welcome to FISD.:salute:



    That would be great, Rob...And as Mario rightly says, if you need anything, just ask.;)

    Thank you Sir, it's much appreciated! I look forward to working with you guys on future builds as well! I'd like to start a Scout Trooper, Shadow Trooper, or Boba Fett next. Not really sure which one. Boba's are expensive though, I may have to wait until I grow up to retirement to get that one. Lol.



    On 2/14/2022 at 9:51 PM, giskard8 said:

    Hello Rob, and welcome back here!

    Thank you Trooper! I'm glad to be back, and hopefully soon OFFICIALLY this time! I've waited 17 years to join the 501st!



    17 hours ago, swibowoj said:

    Hello and Welcome to FISD

    Glad to be back! Thank you very much for the welcome to this treasure trove of info!


    16 hours ago, tat2trooper said:

    What's up trooper. Can't wait to see the ESB TK. 

    Hey there! I can't wait to get everything uploaded and approved! I'm just waiting on the last box to ship from the UK, its been on a week long hold... so as soon as that clears up, I'll be able to begin clearance photos! =) I'm very excited to get my REAL TK # finally after 17 years of waiting!

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  7. 5 hours ago, TKSpartan said:

    Hello Rod, good luck with your 2 approvals and looking forward to see some photos and your application for higher levels soon.  We are here to help you.



    Thank you! I'm really hoping to get them approved! I also cannot wait to begin requesting EIB clearance, and maybe someday join the cool kids on L3. XD

    I look forward to working with you, will you be my DO?

  8. 12 hours ago, gmrhodes13 said:

    Hello and welcome back, good luck with your costume approvals 

    Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate it! I've been watching your advice for a LONG time too. One of these days maybe I can learn even the stuff you've forgotten. Haha. Thanks for the welcome (back) my friend! I cannot wait to get going officially! Already have my first official troop planned for 3/12/22, if my GMLs are confident they can get me approved for Basic in time. =) (My GCO I'm sure will let it slide, even if its not "official" yet.)

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  9. 13 hours ago, T-Jay said:

    Hello Rob and welcome to the FISD.


    I enjoyed reading your great backstory. :duim:

    Thank you! I got bored one day and just started writing it. Haha, I wish I had the patience to write a full novel, I could probably come up with some decent stuff. However, I always get about 2 chapters in and scrap it.

    Star Wars is so fun, because it is so open, you can make nearly any character fit any nearly timeline if you research enough. =)

    Again, thank you for the kind words and welcome!

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  10. Greeting fellow FISD members!

    I am Rob (AKA Captain Ry' Kerr / TK 32420) from the Oklahoma Garrison, I've been a member for a lot longer than 1 year, actually. I signed up back in 2017, but forgot which password/email I used to create it, so I remade my account a little over a year ago, and have just been haning back in the shadows, watching and learning. After a few years of saving, reviewing and saving again... I've went with the RS Prop Masters ESB Stunt Full Commission, as well as begun to put together my ESB Imperial Staff Officer suit.

    So I went from having zero approvals, to hopefully having at least 2 Basic Approvals for the 501st! (And soon plan to get my TK to L3 over time)

    Anyways, I wanted to OFFICIALLY say hi, as I'll be joining the ranks soon! Just waiting on lovely FedEx to stop holding packages for weeks. ;)

    I created a little backstory to my character in my "About Me" section of my profile, if anyone is interested.

    I hope to post entrance request photos soon for clearance! I look forward to possibly trooping with some of you fine Imperial folks in the future! This is an amazing community, and I've learned A LOT about TKs just reading in the shadows. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance I've recieved through posts on the site. Its been a HUGE help just seeing what's already here. The "SEARCH" feature (elusive to most New Members) has been an incredible tool! Haha.

    Again, thank you all, I look forward to more!

    For the Empire!


    -TK 32420

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