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  1. its been too long since i started this bulid & thought it was time to get photos up of my TK Bulid & now have questions before i stat cutting things, 


    any feedback would be great



    where the penceil lines i've done is this the correct place to be cutting them Photos below


    new photos coming soon as soon as i can get them loaded onto my pc


    if the pencil line is not in the right place please show me where i should be cutting as once i cut its cut ....


    Lower Arm Photos will follow as soon as i get them uploaded so i can post them in here

  2. Dear Detachment Centurion Selection Officers


    i'm a first time TK Bulider & looking at Centurion level but .... the biggest problem i'm facing is for me to able to wear the TK i'm going to have too cut the ab plate so the ab plate & cod plate are 2 items & not 1 single piece


    why do i have too cut the ab plate ... due to me been in a manual wheelchair there is no way for me to be able to wear the ab plate without having the cod plate as a item on its own & dont want too lose the Centurion level for my TK


    hope you guys can help me with this problem & wait for a reply back soon

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  3. Hi Ken and welcome aboard future Trooper!


    Thanks for the kind welcome 68Brick & for the info


    this might be my first TK Bulid, i'm already a member of the 501st but this bulid will take a lot longer than my other ones i've done as this is the first all hard armor costume .


    i might be in a manual wheelchair but i'm not going to let that stop me from becoming a TK & have already been added too the wounded warriors detachment

  4. Hi Everyone the Time has come for me to start a a new bulid thread for my new TK & will be posting updates in here


    i'm going to start by asking the best place too get a under suit & a place where i can get boots from


    i'll post some photos once i've done some work on my TK ( as i dont know where to start )

  5. Welcome to the BBB club, it will all make sense soon, research, research, research, measure, measure, cut :)

    thanks i've been doing research on the TK since sept last year as i'm in a manual wheelchair & i know its going to be a challange but .... i say bring it on ... & with the research i've done i've sorta worked out how it can be done as i've asked a ton of questions & picked the brains of others who have done a bulid of there own TK & now with my own BBB the fun is just starting

    i'm looking at level 2 or Level 3 for my TK

  6. Hey everyone, look what i gone & done .... but..... not too sure how long this bulid will take, as i now have a big brown box in the lounge room with a TK Kit inside


    will be updating this once i've opened the box & have taken everything out of it


    will post pics as its done over time & this is the biggest bulid i've ever done


    due to how its going to be made is going to be a challenging bulid for me but .... i'm up for the challenge so bring it on ....

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  7. Hi James. I'm New to this like yourself so couldn't possibly say if 501st accepted if modded. But I can see it from perspective of being able to be worn when in chair. Is your chair powered or manual?


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    i'm in a manual wheelchair i'm known as a T12/L1 incomplete paraplegic have no leg movement but have very good balance but i dont go past were i know my balance point is



  8. Hi James.

    I'm embarking on my first kit build like you and I'm also a physio who works with chair based individuals like yourself. Happy to share any eureka moments as I have them whilst building my kit.


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    would love to know how to mod everything before i even think about buying the TK Kit & if it would be be approved so i can use it in the 501st




  9. Hi there I'm James i live in sydney australia, This Question Is For The Global GML's To Answer For Me Please,


    i'm looking at buliding a ANH TK for the 501st but here's the main problem i've always wanted to me a TK but due to my disabitily as i'm in a manual wheelchair


    i wouldn't be able too wear the butt plate as i would end up with pressure sores as i sit on a seat designed for people with my type of disabitily & as i'm in my chair 12-16 hrs a day


    would like to know how i could mod a TK kit so a person in a manual can wear one, i've always wanted too wear one & before i ended up in the chair i had just had bought a kit too make one


    2 weeks later i was in the spinal ward of our local hospital & ever since then i've always wanted to become a TK but up till now had no idea how too make one plus when i ended up in the chair i had bigger


    things i had too worry about as back then i needed to learn how to use the chair & had too learn how to live life from sitting down all the time & not been able too talk no more


    i was talking too 1 of the command staff with the SCG on the phone & they told me to put in a post here asking if the Global GML's for permmison on how i can do modification to a TK Kit & have it


     approved so i can use it in 501st due to myself been in a manual wheelchair & i'm only on ssi so i dont have a lot of funds too play with due too been on limited funds & not wanting to buy another TK kit


    if i cant get approval to mod the kit to use in the 501st i hope the Globel GML's can give me some good news as i've always wanted too be a TK & it was taken away from me when i ended up in the manual wheelchair


    hope to hear a reply back soon





    Southern Cross Garrison Member


    Currently Working on a Biker Scout Kit ( its almost complete )

  10. anyone know whats going wrong with the IOC website as a friend & myself tryed to sign up it said to check his email 12 -14 hrs later we are still waiting for the confirmation email & we have even told the server to resend the email before we can complete registerion for the IOC Fourms


    any help would would be great & if anyone in here has a contact can they ask them if they have any problem with people trying to sign up as i have no other way of been trying to contact anyone



  11.  to anyone out there that dont know me here's a little about myself & to Sith Lord, you know i'm in a Manual Wheelchair dont you ..??


    when i wanted to join the 501st Legion the first time when i first meet the crew it was at supanova in i think 2002 but back then i was still learning how to get around in a manual wheelchair ( also ending back in hospital a lot ) as your body is not used to been sitting down in a chair 24/7 plus it was still healing from when i first ended up in hospital, but also i wasnt ready to wear a costume & be able to move in a wheelchair, now if i had the full kit on i would end up sitting Hard Plastic & risk ending up in hospital from pressure sores from been in a storm troopers kit & thats the last place i want too endup in as you know when you your told when your in hospital you will never walk again & be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life you spend up too a year in the hospital system 1 part been medical & the 2nd part been rehab as you got too learn how to use a wheelchair & learn having to do everything from sitting in a chair & never been able to stand up at all,


    now lets skip too 2016 when i heard about  EB Games Expo i wanted to go but didnt have enough money for the price of the day ticket & was told i had to wait 2-3 hrs ( from when i first got there ) to get the half price ticket, to cut a long story short i ended up meeting a guy who was coming out of the expo & he ended up giving me his 3 day pass so i could get in to have a look at the expo 


    once i was inside i found the booth for the 501st Legion ( as i had lost the card i had been given years ago ) but found them again & was talk to them them all weekend but this time as i had a iphone i signed up too there fourms on the spot & each day was asking them different questions every day about different costumes what type i could wear ( without getting pressure sores of course )  & from that point onwards i have Huge job on my hands & that was to do tons & tons of research & joinned a lot of the other fourms in the prosses too find out how a person in a manual wheelchair could wear what type of costume, but the one thing that stuck in my mind was when i was told at the EB Games Expo that they welcome anyone witch i thought was great & its why i stuck to it like gule


    plus just to show you guys out there how old i am also i was just 7 years old when the first star wars movie came out back in 1977 , so you can see i grew up with all the star wars movies ( as well going though sooo many VHS tapes ) as i would watch them all the time as a kid, have all of them on DVD these's days & so they DVD's dont get damaged ( along with all my other movies ) i have everything on my nas drive & can watch any movie on the tv via Plex that talks to my Nas Drive


    so far i have worked out as Sith Lord said in his post above about the biker scout, ( that area is all fabric ) no hard plastic parts too sit on so...... Even though my first thought was i waned to be a Storm Trooper  i dont think that will ever happen but at least i still get to wear a bucket its just going to have too be a biker scout one   & sometime in late 2017 i might beable to get the Tie Pilot Costume also but living on Disabitily is no eazy but some think because we have all day too ourselfs we got all the time in the world or just spend all day at home ( there was some years i did just that ) but after meeting a now very specail Friend i now try to spend the least amout at home now & get out of the house every day if i can ( unless i dont have any money too go anywhere )

    that specail Friend is also in a wheelchair himself also & he gave me my Spark back, as back before i meet him i had hit rock bottom & was a borken person now i have my spark back there's no stopping me now 


    its now my turn to return that spark into people who need it the most even before i lost the use of my legs i've always liked to help people , when i get my first kit completed & aprroved to be in the 501st i'm going to wear it with pride

    i want to show others who are in a wheelchair that if i can do it they can too , i hope to get my first TB ID Number sometime in 2017


    while i'm here ( as i was going to do another post but i'll do it in here ) Dose anyone know where i can get a Neck Seal From now i did ask this question over on bikerscout.net & was told to come to this fourm here for neck seals as i'm in australia our summers can get really hot like 115f ( thats 42c ) & wearing black you heat up really fast & having a balaaclava & a bucket on i would over heat way faster than anyone who can stand / walk so its why i opted for a neck seal over the bala


    2 other things i'm looking for is a fan system to stop the lens on my bucket foging up & a mic / speaker system so when you stop talking you hear that radio noise sound when you stop talking ( like the TK's have in there buckets )


    this is only a little about me if you want to know more about me you can find me on facebook & skype with skype let me know who you are when you send a friends request i i do get some people sending random reruests without telling me you they are in the request


    my lounge room is big enough too hold a Armor party sometime in 2017 ( after the Crazy Season has passed ) & also have a New Back Deck that took me 6 months to complete so there should be enough space here


    Also if anyone can tell me how i can wear a Storm Trooper Costume i would be interested to hear what you guys can come up with but still have it covered under the CRL ( with some exceptions ) due to my disabitily





    P.S Below this line is a Current List of Costumes i'm looking at getting at sometime in 2017/2018

  12. Hi Everyone,  i'm James i'm with the Southern Cross Garrision currently working on my first bulid too join the 501st Legion, i thought i would pop i to say hi too everyone


    i've never dressed up like this ever before nor have i ever worn a bucket (apart for wearing a helmet when i had a motorbike) but i dont drive now ( as Public Transport is way cheaper than having to get gas too the time )


    my current bulid is going too be a little bit different than most in here due to the fact i'm in a manual wheelchair but i'm up for the challange & going to tackle then head on



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