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  1. Hey Everyone - I've ordered a NE armor kit two years ago and because of life issues I had to stop my build (LONG STORY).  I am back and really want to fulfill this passion of mine to be a part of the 501st.  I hope that in the two years that many have put together an NE armor and have shared their wisdom.  I know when I bought it that it was a pretty new build and I did get the new ears for the bucket.  So thank you in advance your help in helping me complete this long journey!   

  2. I trimmed both inside and out. First I took the 2 pieces and wrapped them around my bicep. One overlapping the other. Then I marked the amount of extra. Then I trimmed both pieces little by little until they were sized right and so there seemed to be an even amount of meat on each side of the cover strip..... does this make sense?...the way I worded it? I posted the link to my build thread a few posts up on this thread if you want to check it out.....

    Thanks!  Enjoyed reading the thread...did you have to cut your forearms inside U shape or was it because you cut the wrong end??

  3. I think you are on the right track and looking good for the most part.....on the right bicep....it looks like you trimmed your inside piece more on one side (the bottom) more than the other side (top) . Watch that.....my concern is how the cover strip will fit on the bottom of that right bicep. It looks like it will just fit....if you trimmed it a hair more....your cover strip would sit over the fold in part...and that wouldn't be good...On the other side of that piece...you look just right...there is enough meat there.....I think you're ok. My point is...just watch the trimming...I hope that makes sense... (:

    I see what you're saying...Do you trim both pieces (inside & outside) or only just one??  How did you do your measuring??  I put them on and overlapped the inside piece over the outside piece...taped...marked..then cut.  I thought about cutting both parts but didn't know for sure.  Thanks!!

  4. Hi Roger,  I'm getting ready to start my first build also as soon as my armor arrives.  I'll be following your progress to prepare.


    Have you seen the trooperbay videos on building armor?  I was planning on using those tutorials to get started.  They even have a video on what supplies you will need.  




    About your supply questions, I got the iCOMM and it works great.  I was disappointed however that the VOX (Voice activation)  did not work very well with the wireless system. You need to use PTT to use wireless, which is another wire, so why use wireless?


    I got my neck seal from Darman:  http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21385-darmans-neck-seals/

    and was very happy with it. Good price and fast shipping.  I would probably go with the velcro instead of the zipper, because there is no way I can get the zipper on without someone else's help.  But it looks great.  



    Thanks for the recommendations!  I have heard good things about Darman and the Trooperbay videos makes look too easy!  LOL  I am really interested in the iCOMM and good to know about the wireless issue.  Good luck with your build!

  5. Starting with my biceps...the front and backs seemed to go together pretty well.  I have identified them here.





    I am about to start cutting and wanted to make sure I am on the right page here...I am to have them fit "snug" around my biceps when flexed??  When I trim do I trim only one side (i.e. back side) or do I trim both sides (i.e. front and back)??   How do you know how much to trim??  I've measured my arms and then measured the inside circumference and try to do the math...is it more cut a little and see how it fits?? 


    I've noticed that the mold does not line up perfectly...am I supposed to trim that off??  I have excess on the right / left bicep that does not line up perfectly with the front side...See pic below....I am sorry if these are dumb questions I just wanted to make sure I am doing this right.  Thanks for your help!!



  6. I am working on my list of supplies that I need to construct this armor.  Here is what I have so far...combed through many threads to put a "basic necessity" list together.  It is not an exhaustive list so. please feel free to add to it.  :duim:


    Purchased items:

    Lexan Scissors - I've learned that lexan is a type of plastic that are used in RC model building...Folks at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics just looked at me weird when I asked them if they had any lexan scissors. :laugh1:   Got them on Amazon here and with being a prime member you really can beat it!
    Rivet Gun Kit - Found it here also on Amazon...I thought the price was great.
    Heavy Duty Plier Kit (applies heavy duty snaps - #5 & #105) - I picked this up at JoAnn's Fabrics.  Had a 40% coupon so I saved some $$$ on the plier kit.
    Heavy Duty Snaps - 24 count 5/8 inch - Also picked these up at JoAnn's Fabric

    Non-Roll Elastic - 1" x 2.5 yrds - JoAnn's Fabric - - Not too sure what I am going to use this for. Looking at other strapping options but I wanted to play around with making snaps.  :blink:

    E-6000 - This is supposed to be the holy grail of glue.  Picked it up at Michaels

    X-Acto knife with #11 replacement blades - Picked up at Michaels and if you download their app for your smartphone you get a 40% coupon so I saved $$$ on the knife.

    Bodysuit - Ordered the shirt and pants on Eastbay.com.  They had a sale 2 for $30 and I got free shipping.  Under Armor at a sporting goods store went around $70....I read many other troopers wear this.

    E-11 Blaster - DoopyDoo's Complete ANH E-11 Blaster Kit bought it on their EBay store and should be getting it next week.


    Things that I am still researching/waiting to buy:

    Heating gun...Do I really need one?  I see many on Amazon and I only see smaller ones that will melt plastic wrapping for gift baskets.  Any recommendations??

    Boots - Heard that TKBoots are a very popular choice but are in between suppliers.  At the time of this post there were 8 - 12 weeks away from another run.  Saw these boots on another post and am thinking about getting them.  Only thing is that you have to paint/dye them white.  I've read that the original TKs in ANH had black boots painted white so I don't mind doing it for the sake of being screen accurate.  Anyone has other suggestions or other boot sources that won't break the bank??

    Dark Green Lens - Found them on Trooperbay.com. This is a really cool site. Will most likely pitch the ones that came with my kit pick this up from there.

    Gloves - Also on Trooperbay.com.

    Holster - Still researching...

    Clamps - Either Lowes or Amazon
    Rare Earth Magnets - Ordering some on Amazon

    Scope Railing - Still researching...Looking at Evilboy's product
    Helmet fans - Also looking at Evilboy's product

    Paint / templates for Bucket - Probably Trooperbay.com

    Neck Seal - Still researching...Would love recommendations.
    Belt - Still researching
    Clips for TD - Still researching
    Bucket padding/liner - Got one with my kit...would love to have some other padding.

    Mic / Amp for Voice FX - Saw this here and think it is really awesome.  Researching vendors...would love recommendations.


    Things that I already have on hand:

    Rotary Tool
    Sandpaper - various grits

    Blue painter's masking tape

    Lots of prayers so that I won't mess it up!  ;-)


    So that is what I have gathered so far...please let me know other tools that I might need.  THANKS!!  :smiley-sw013:

  7. Hey Everyone!  This is surreal....I've read so many posts that I never thought my day would come to become a Stormtrooper!  I have researched many vendors and decided to go with NE armor.  The price and availability was good but it was TupperwareTK that really helped me make my decision.  He was very professional and answered all my questions very quickly.  So THANK YOU TupperwareTK!!!  Well, today my armor came in...gotta admit it was very moving to open the box to see MY armor.  I've been wanting to do this for almost eight years!  To see the white shinny armor up close made me feel like I was five years old again seeing the Stormtroopers for the first time on the big screen!  Yes I did my happy dance and called in some help to even open the box (more on that later)... am looking forward to tackling this project (even the bucket) and making a lot of new friends along the way.  So thank you in advance for your comments and instructions...Lets get this party started...So here is the introductory pic of the infamous brown box.





    Of course I asked a future 501st Vader to help me with the unveiling of the armor.




  8. Hey everyone!  Very excited about becoming a trooper!  I am almost ready to make my decision on where to purchase my armor.  I am looking for others around my area who are members...I am having troubles getting my account registered in my local garrision's website.  Anyways...anyone nearby the Louisville, KY area please look me up.  Thanks and looking forward to my first build! 

  9. I am considering purchasing the NE armor from TupperwareTK.  It seems like he and Troopergear are two guys who sell the NE armor. TupperwareTK has been very good with answering questions (you are going to have issues with the ears as it seems everyone does) about the bucket and sent me instructional tips via email...PM me with your email address and I will forwarded it to you...  They are making a new mold of ears and will replace your original ones for free (from what I've heard from the vendor).  I would search for NE Armor Builds and look there.  I have not heard if the bucket is NOT legit for EIB or Centurion.  I would need clarification on that before my purchase.  @ TK Bondservnt 2392 are you for certain that is the case?? I am just a noobie here.  Thanks!!

  10. Sorry to ask this question (I am a newbie) but who is NE?? I am in the process of researching armor vendors and having come across them yet.  What made them stand out from the rest of other dealers (price / waiting list / etc)?  And would you recommend them after the ordeal with your bucket ears?  Thanks!

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