Welcome to my first armor build!   Like many others I've been waiting for an Anovos pre-order, I ordered their Imperial Stormtrooper and First Order Stormtrooper standard kits. Every time I've attended an event that the GA 501st has been at I get the itch to build my own armor ASAP and I finally got tired of the "we're sorry, delayed again" emails, at least for the OT TK. So I began researching the other kit makers recommended in the Getting Started section, about the time I did that Mark had a Black Friday sale on his kit so I pulled the trigger. There are plenty of AP build threads on here so I've been pouring over them while I waited for my kit to arrive and I'll continue to use them as reference. I also intend to build this kit with Centurion approval as the ultimate goal.   Anyway, today was BBB day! You may notice that there appears to be two of everything. A buddy and I will be building these kits simultaneously, although he's a few states away, so I'll be reboxing and shipping once our other supplies arrive. It was actually a less expensive option to go this route overall.     Laid everything out to ensure we got what we needed:     So now the real fun begins. I'll be working on this slowly for sure, I have an 18 month old daughter who loves to occupy my time when I'm not at work (not a complaint!) and who also doesn't like going to bed early. lol I enjoy just about any DIY project so I'm really looking forward to this build.   Parts List for Reference Armor/Helmet: AP Lenses/S-Trim: TrooperBay Under Shirt/Pants: Mr. Skin (Amazon) Neck Seal: Darman's Props Boots: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: AP Holster: AP Rubber Hand Plates: AP Blaster(s): HyperFirm E-11 / HyperFirm DLT-19 Helmet Audio: ukswrath Hearing Assist: ukswrath Cooling: ukswrath Thigh Garter System: Pencap510