In this tutorial I'll be building the ANOVOS TK armor as ANH Stunt.
Though the kit appears to have all the necessary components for 501st basic approval I'll be changing a few things in hopes of making it Centurion (L3) level acceptable.

Materials, Strapping & Other used in this build will be highlighted in BLUE   Areas that will be changed: NOTE: These changes are NOT required for 501st basic approval
A. The kit includes velcro and snaps for the internal strapping which I'll be switching out for brackets and straps provided by Mr. No Stripes. My choice to use brackets is just a matter of preference. Note: The included velcro and snaps appear to be Centurion acceptable except for the chest to back connections which are required to be white.  B. The kit includes black elastic for the chest to back connection which I'll be switching out for white, a Centurion requirement.
C. The kit includes velcro to connect the shoulder bell strap to the chest to back strap. I'll be using a Dritz #10 sew in snap. Accuracy update but NOT a Centurion requirement
D. The kit includes philips head screws for the TD brackets which I'll be replacing with slotted pan head screws, Accuracy update but NOT a Centurion requirement but recommended
E. The kit includes velcro for the rear calf connection which I'll be replacing with the elastic and bra hooks set up, Accuracy update but NOT a Centurion requirement
F. The kit includes ABS hand guards which will be switched out for Latex style, a Centurion requirement G. Waist belt accuracy modifications - Remove upper holster mounting screws, Repair holes to fabric, Replace line 24 snaps with "Popper" snaps, Correct elastic to drop box connection, Glue drop box elastic to belt.
I'm sure this list will build, stay tuned   Tools:
Exacto knives, large & small
Steel straight ruler (metric)
Dremel with sanding wheel or sand paper. Small carbide bit for helmet teeth or small file.
3M scotch brite pad (any color, gradient)
5/32" & 1/8" drill bits
Screwdriver (blade)
Spring clamps (set or 12 or more in various sizes)
Earth magnets 1/2" x 1/8" (12.7mm x 3.1mm), 20 to 40 magnets
Painters tape

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): I can't stress enough how important it is to wear PPE, especially when working with some of the tools listed above. Wear it!
Safety glasses - Hardware store
Cut resistant gloves - Hardware store
1/2 Respirator. Sanding releases small carcinogens into the air. Protect your lungs. - Hardware store or

E6000 - two to three+ 2oz tubes, or two+ 3oz tubes
Zap-A-Gap & Zip Kicker
Elastic (Chest to Back plate) - White 2" x 2' in length recommended)  Elastic (Drop Boxes) - White 3/4" x 20"  Elastic (Bells to Shoulder Strapping) - Black 1" x 12", ANOVOS supplied Elastic (Bicep to Bicep around arm) - Black 1" x 20" Elastic (Bicep to Forearm) - Black, 2" x 6", ANOVOS supplied Elastic (Thigh to waist belt) - Black, 3" x 24" Elastic (Kidney to Ab right side) - Black, 1" x 8" Elastic (Posterior to Cod) - Black, 1" x 12" Nylon Webbing (Kidney to Ab, left side 6 rivets) - 1" x 6", ANOVOS supplied Single cap rivets (Waist belt drop boxes and thigh ammo belt) 7.4mm or 5/16"     Paint:  Gloss White: Testers
Gloss black: Humbrol #21 Testors # 1747
Gray (Ab plate), Humbrol #5 Testors # 1138 -
French Blue (Ab plate & Tube stripes), Humbrol #14 Testors # 2715 - Gunship Grey (TD tube), Testor #1923 (spray paint) NOTE: Painting the TD tube is NOT required for any level of approval    Internal Strapping:
A. ANOVOS supplied
B. Internal Strapping Brackets - Alternative lock nuts to replace the nuts that come with the bracket kit -  C. Snaps:  1) Ab - "S" snaps "poppers" (Used on the following locations: Ab to belt, Ab to Kidney right side, Cod to Posterior, Shoulder to Back plate strapping right/front) 15mm, (bag of 15 is the smallest)-
2) Ab - "S" Snap die punch and set tool 15-17mm, (1x) -
NOTE: For the "S" snaps and set tool kit you may need to contact the seller who is in the UK and have him set up a auction with US shipping. The original sales did not have a ship to US option at the time I purchased the items.
3) Thigh Ammo Belt - Single Cap Rivets - 7.4mm or 5/16", Ebay -!94513!US!-1
4) Thigh Ammo Belt - Double Cap rivet tool (1x) -, or Hobby/Craft store
5) Ab/Kidney - Split rivets (bag) - ANOVOS supplied
7) Inner strapping - Line 24 snaps, nickle, 100ct (recommended), Tandy - https://www.tandylea...ts/1263-12.aspx. Fasnap - http://fasteners.fas...nap-fasteners?
7a) Inner strapping (canon brackets) Not illustrated in this build. For informational purposes only - http://www.whitearmo...-now-available/
8) Shoulder to Bicep - Dritz Sew in Snaps, Nickle, Size #10 - 9) COD split rivet - ANOVOS supplied   D. Calf closure 1) Elastic - 2) Bra hooks - 3) Velcro - ANOVOS supplied     Other:
Thigh Garter belt -
Gloves (ANOVOS supplied) or - Rubber hand guards (Joseph) -  
Boots - Totally killer Boots -, Imperial Boots -
Undersuit (ANOVOS supplied) or - Shirt, Pant Waist Belt - ANOVOS modified  Waist Belt other - Kittle's belts) -   ANOVOS assembly instructions (if anyone wants them) -   UKS Assembly instructions - PDF -   Sections, Navigation & Check List:
1. Forearms: 1a. Forearm trimming 1b. Forearms Pre- assembly 1c. Assembly (front) 1d. Assembly cont (rear)   2. Biceps: 2a. Bicep trimming right  2b. Bicep trimming left 2c. Bicep Pre-assembly 2d. Assembly   3. Calves/Shins (lower leg): 3a. Shins trimming left & right  3b. Shin Sniper Knee trimming 3c. Shin Pre-assembly 3d. Assembly (front) 3e. Sniper knee Pre-assembly 3f. Rear Closure (Straps and Bra hooks) 3g. Sniper knee, rear cover strip and calf closure elastic system installation
  4. Ab: 4a Ab trimming 4b. Ab Button Panel trimming 4c. Ab Button Pre-assembly 4d. Ab & Kidney Split Rivet Pre-assembly 4e. Ab Waist Belt Mount assembly 4f. Ab Right side rivet assembly 4g. Ab Cod Rivet Pre-assembly 4h. Ab Button plates - Painting and Installation   5. Posterior: 5a. Posterior trimming 5b. Posterior rivet assembly 5b. Posterior to Cod connecting strap assembly - Under "Strapping" section  5c. Assembly - Under "Strapping" section
  6. Strapping: 6a. Bracket System Pre-assembly 6b. Bicep to Forearm strapping 6c. Chest to Back strapping assembly 6d. Ab to Kidney left side strapping 6e. Ab to kidney Right side strapping 6f. Posterior to Cod 6g. Bracket System final assembly 6h. Bracket system support pads 7g. Thigh Support System (part 1) 7h. Thigh Support System (part 2)   7. Thighs: 7a. Thighs trimming left & right 7b. Thigh Ammo Pack trimming  7c. Thigh Pre-assembly 7d. Assembly (front) 7e. Assembly (rear) 7f. Thigh Ammo Pack installation 7g. Thigh Support System (part 1) 7h. Thigh Support System (part 2)   8. Chest and Shoulders: 8a. Chest trimming 8b. Chest Shoulder Covers trimming 8c. Chest strap to Shoulder Bell connection (Shoulder side) 8d. (6c) Chest to Back strapping assembly 8e. Shoulder Cover assembly 8f. Shoulder Cover Retaining Strap   9. Shoulder Bells: 9a. Shoulder Bell trimming 9b. Chest strap to Shoulder Bell connection (Bell side). 9c. Shoulder Bell strap installation cont.     10. Thermal Detonator:  10a. Pre-assembly 10b. Paint (not required) 10c. Assembly Final
  11. Waist Belt: 3/3/16 NOTE: New information regarding the Anovos waist belt, PLEASE READ. The official word is the waist belt is accepted at the EIB (L2) with the previously mention belt modifications however, it is NOT acceptable at Centurion (L3) regardless of the modifications. The cloth portion of the belt assembly will need to be replaced for Centurion approval. You can either skip the following belt modification tutorial and replace the cloth portion of the belt all together, or continue on if EIB is as far as you plan on going. A tutorial on how to change out the cloth portion of the belt is in the works. 11a. Waist belt EIB (ONLY) Accuracy update 11b. Waist belt Centurion Update   12. Back Plate: 12a. Back plate trimming 12b. Assembly - Refer to "Bracket system final assembly" 12c. Upper connection point modification
  13. Kidney: 13a. Kidney trimming 13b. Kidney to Ab right side connecting strap - Refer to "Strapping" "Ab to kidney strapping right side" 13c. Kidney to Ab left side connection strapping - Refer to "Strapping" Ab to kidney strapping left side" 13d. Assembly - Refer to Bracket System Final Assembly"   14. Hand Guards: 14a Hand Guard trimming 14b. Hand Guard, Centurion Update
  15. Helmet Accuracy modifications: 15a. Helmet Modifications for Centurion and accuracy (Part 1) 15b. Helmet Modifications for Centurion and Accuracy (part 2) 15c. Hovi Tip Mod   16. Fitment Alterations (if any): N/A
  17. Final Pictures: 17a. 501st Submission and completed armor pictures   18. Additional information: 18a. Making and install support pads for Mr. NoStripes bracket system (Not a requirement)   19. Helmet Electronics: 19a. Installation of Ukswrath's Hovi Audio system, SHA (hearing assist) and Cooling system 

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