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ANH Blaster


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Hi everyone,


I've just got to sort !! my Blaster to make it EIB, but I'm not sure where to start.


I'll post pics below and all help would be very welcome.


I'd love to become EIB this year.


All the best




ps. excuse the first pics as my camera phone blurred it (and not my shaky hand ;) )









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Yeah I did buy it on eBay and must admit that it looks great.


It was from someone in florida and it came with a small booklet which was quite humorous.


I'm wishing I still had the records on who it was I got it from.


In order to go ANH EIB I will either have to do something with this one or take the plunge and get an ANH blaster. What do you think ?



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You'd have to adapt this one quite a bit-- removing the "U" track, replacing it with "T" track, altering the front nozzle, removing the D ring from the side... etc., etc.


I honestly think you'd be better off leaving this one as it is, and getting a separate ANH blaster altogether.


It's a fantastic gun-- it's just not for the right movie.


Why not use this as a perfect excuse to get a new ANH blaster and have TWO awesome props? :D

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brulafu said:
Thanks guys. I now know where to go to spend more money - cheers guys ;-)


anyone fancy pm'ing me a contact for an ANH blaster :-)


I think these guys make really nice rubber-cast ones:



And if you seek "ItchyNuts", he makes amazing hand-made ones. Don't let the name throw ya' off. :P

They're works of art.

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