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How did TK's get around?


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OK, so as far as I know, there's not many modes of transportation for Stormtroopers. We know there's biker scouts, but were there any other forms of transportation for TK's that is considered canon?


The only thing I can think of is Dewbacks. And I recall in Troops (which might not be canon) I thought I saw a TK riding a speeder bike.


But were there any other modes of transportation used by TK's?

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Well, we see TK's being transported by AT-ATs on Endor (or at least getting off of one while escorting Luke). We can make an assumption that shuttles brought down the TKs from the Star Destroyers to Cloud City. The closest you'll find on-screen is the Snowtroopers on Hoth. If the game TIE Pilot counts, here's this from wookie: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Delta-class...ooper_transport


Otherwise my EU knowledge is a little weak :)

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I'm surprised they didn't have something like the LAAT/i in the NT. I think there is a heavy shuttle in the EU that could work as a troop carrier but we never see it armed like the LAAT/i. Perhaps it's kinda like how Huey's in 'Nam were armed, but in the peace time afterwords they were not.


As for ground transport it's possible that the AT-AT was the machine of choice - the Empire certainly liked doing things in a large way and tried to dominate by intimidation. I wonder if we had something in the OT that wasn't on a resource starved outpost (Tatoonne) or the heavy forests of Endor, we'd see the equivalent of a Humvee.

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Very interesting, thanks guys. I don't know much about EU, etc.. Thanks Andrew, the DX-9 sounds practical, but it's not very cool looking!


Paul, you're right. I think it would be really cool to have some kind of air transport, as well as land (like a larger Humvee). I'd love to design something like that! :)

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I pulled the ones I could find from my favorite books (X-Wing, Wraith Squadron series) .

There wasn't much available except references to various skiffs, skimmers and other repulsorlift vehicles. The two I did find were:


Assault 5 Hoverscout

A9 Floating fortress


I remember this one from my childhood. (Not really canon)






There was the V-35 Courier in Luke's garage and seen in Mos Eisley briefly.





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I completely forgot about the Sentinel. That's a great little ship :)


I found a couple more from the EU. Here's a rolling transport (again from a video game).





And a nice "little dropship"





I could probably spend all day on wookie :rolleyes:



I think the reason LAATs didn't fit into the equation once the Empire came around is because they didn't fit into the Doctrine of Fear. The Emperor wanted everything to be massive and inspire fear. Small, versatile dropships doesn't impress the same as a bunch of huge mechanical elephants. Too bad it doesn't always translate into results.

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The Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled (HAVw) A6 Juggernaut was in Ep. III at the Battle of Kashyyyk. According to Wookie, it was largely discontinued during the time of the Empire. The B5 served as the successor to the A6. Although it does say the A6 was used at Hoth. EU can be so confusing sometimes. Sheesh.

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