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Improvements to my humble MRCE.


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Hi Guys n' Gals.


I,ve trooped a few times in my MRCE now ( at first I wasn't happy with it but it's growing on me ).


I think I've decided to try and improve it a little further by


1. The dreaded 'ear change'

2. Raising the brow a little.


I'm sure many of you fine folks have doen one or both of these mods on an MR so any hints ( or even pics ) would be appreciated. :D





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I have some advice Darren....DON'T DO IT!!!!! Lol, seriously I have done both on mine and I f***ed up the ears by drilling right through them..they just didn't want to budge :6: Take it carefully matey or you will end up like I did.


I've seen someone raise the brow by gently filling away whilst the helmet was still in one part, but I had to take mine apart..I didn't really raise it enough as there is a big round mark right underneath the brow.


Take it slowly, and good luck..post your progress when you have done it

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i really like the MRCE

I think of it as an everyday helmet that I wouldnt mind lettin anyone handle


my TE2 and AP are purely for display only


heres and old link - hope you find it useful



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OMG! My good friends, I feel that it is a great Idea to do the mods to the MRCE.

I was terrified and after heavy debate and consideration as an amateur to the modding practice I am very happy that I took the plunge, it is not as bad as one would think.

There are TONS of tutorials and HOW TO's I am putting together a detailed HOW TO for the full mod:




and filling the gap under the teeth, although that one is pissing me off because I am trying to fill it without a repaint but I don't know if that will work. I am going to look for modeling paint that matches and just filling it with paint haha.


Either way, here is a pic of my own modded MRCE that I did last week Ears, Teeth and Brow. I actually ended up ordering replacement ears from AP to make it more screen accurate.

Also I am including a link to one of my local Garrisons How to brow and teeth threads.

He did a fantastic job, I just made the teeth in mine bigger.



And now my bucket, as you can see I am converting to a TK Commander and I haven't mesh behind the teeth yet, but for all intents and purposes of this post, it shows the results.


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Take the plunge and chop it up! :)


I was really hesitant to do anything to my MRCE (part of the reason that I'm still sitting on it, over a year later). Biggest thing to be careful is drilling thru the earcaps. I overdid it and drilled all the way through on mine, and I've been jury-rigging fixes where I went to fast and over did it on things.


The brow is pretty simple, measure twice, cut once. Although I was not able to get the rubber trim to come off without tearing it.


Think of it this way, you'll never get the skills if you don't practice and try it.

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Was gonna suggest speaking to Nate/Heatshock but he has already beaten me to it. His tutorial is fantastic for those mods to the MRCE.


thanks for endorsement mate ;P


Darren - I blame the FISD for taking it that far!! lol I originally wanted just to do enough to get clearance.

but you are right, for the time and money - its prob better just to splash out on a ATA; and its mroe accurate as well!


anything else lmk mate - I am just down the road in teesside



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How did you fill the seam line in the end? I would appreciate anyone's input on this , especially without having to do a full re paint.

It's almost impossible not to repaint it. You need to use body filler like Bondo.



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