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Things to consider before buying armor

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You have cash in fist and can't *wait* to buy your armor. Perhaps you're already in the 501st but with a different costume, but more likely this is going to be your first armor purchase ever.   Eve

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Ok, Hi all!<br><br>

This is my first post and yes I'm really new here!<br><br>

My eyes as Re still spinning from all the information!<br><br>

What I am looking for is a complete detailed Sandtrooper or Riottrooper suit that is ready to wear. Unfortunately I don't have a shop or a place to work on anything. <br><br>

There is a group here to join (Central California) that I'm looking forward to going with.<br><br>

I also want to join the 501st with it as well so I guess it has to 'qualify'.<br><br>

I'm 5'8 and stocky so the sizing is a consideration. <br><br>

Can any supply a Url that they feel would be a good match?<br><br>

Thank you for your help with this too!<br><br>

I'm excited to get started! - N

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