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Hello there! Soon to be Michigan resident interested in TK armor

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Hey folks,

I'm moving to Michigan this summer and have long been interested in the 501st - I talked to the Great Lakes Garrison, and they recommended I dig into the resources here to learn about starting my TK costume!


So far, I've looked at a few different vendors (Dave's Darkside Depot, AuthenticPropsCA, ImperialSurplus, and Walt's Trooper Factory) and am still figuring out which one is the best fit, in terms of price, what's included, etc.


Excited to be here!

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Hi Adam and welcome to FISD. 


Glad you're starting your path to become an imperial Stormtrooper !!  :jc_doublethumbup:


Please check this thread about TK armor that I'm sure can be useful.   let us know any questions you have. We ere here to help every step on the way.




And this is an index of resources you may want to check






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Welcome, Adam! It's always great to hear for a new TK in the making! Let us know what the factors are in your armor decision, and we can help you out! DDD (AM armor) and AP are known to be able to accommodate regular and larger-sized troopers, while Imperial Surplus and WTF is a better fit for regular or small-sized troopers. Of course, those are generalizations, and nearly all can be sized up or down with some work.


Are you leaning towards an ANH-Stunt build, which is what most of us TKs are, or at least start with?

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Posted (edited)

Thank you both!! Yes, the Stunt build is the one that seems the best fit for me, since it seems to be the most widespread variant. I tend to be on the regular to tall/large side at around 6', so that's leading me towards DDD and AP. I'm hoping to find a set that's sturdy enough to have less maintenance/wear and tear, as well as someone who could potentially provide a pre-assembled helmet...the helmet is what scares me the most about building, since my previous casual attempts at Mandalorian armor and such have come to a screeching halt at the helmet stage. 


For context, I've done small costuming and stuff for events and Renaissance Fair, but nothing this big before. Closest I ever came was trying to form some of my own Mandalorian stuff, which was fun until, as mentioned, I got really messed around in the helmet stage and had a hard time putting everything together in a way that I could fit my head inside it!

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Excellent choice with a stunt build, and either AM or AP will be good and durable armors appropriately sized for you. I believe both those vendors can also provide their helmets preassembled, I’m sure for an added cost.

I suspect that your past costuming experiences place you a step ahead of many new builders, such as myself when I first started my journey in 2019. It’s a learning experience for all of us, but FISD is full of so many good resources and helpful troopers, I KNOW you’ll have all the help you’ll need!

Once you receive your shiny white plastic you should start a build thread where you post lots of photos and any questions you can ever think of. You can also find some helpful build threads of those specific armor makers on the Resource thread that Mario linked to above; scroll down towards the bottom of the main post before the comments.

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Hello and welcome aboard, there's a big difference in sizes of armor so take that in consideration when researching ;) 

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