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Pride Month Picture Request


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Hello Troopers!


This month we are looking for your most colourful pictures to be shared on our Socials! Of course I’m talking about celebrating Pride Month in June.


Please send me pictures of you and your fellow troopers marching in parades, dressed in colourful flags or otherwise showing your support for the LGBTQ+ community. You can either submit the pictures here in the forum thread, in a DM to me, or by sending me an email at 501tk66744 @gmail.com (remove the space before the @).


Don’t forget to share your TK-ID(s), Garrison name and – if applicable – the photographer’s credit. You can submit your pictures until the 29th of May.


I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!  :salute:

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Great initiative and I'll make sure to submit something! :salute:


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TK 19632
UK Garrison
At Aldermore Day event
Photos courtesy of Georgia McCormick7629578a9dfc33f3647a4dab437a99ab.jpg

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9 hours ago, eiiei said:


Ohio Garrison




My kid loves wearing a flag like a cape! That bottom picture! LOVE all the way!!!! *High five Trooper!* All the way!

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TK-32700 and TI-2096 

Norwegian Garrison

From the pride parade in Rana, Norway.

Photo by Aline Hegglund



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