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TK-70384 Reporting for duty

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Hi all, very excited to finally join the ranks of the 501st and the FISD! Childhood/lifelong dream realised! 


My local garrison (Knightfall, Melbourne) has been so helpful and welcoming. I also got approved at a great time of year - within two weeks of approval, I've participated in three troops and loved every second of it.


My first ever interaction with a 501st member was several years ago when A New Hope was playing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. My wife (who usually despises Star Wars) absolutely loved it too! I thought getting a photo with a Stormtrooper was the coolest thing ever. It turns out BEING the Stormtrooper was so much more fun. I could not wipe the smile off my face the entire night! 


The MSO was back in Melbourne for screenings of ROTJ and I was lucky enough to troop on two of the nights, plus another Disney approved event at a shopping centre over the weekend. I couldn't get over the smiles on the kids' (and some very big kids) faces. Made my day.


I've got a few more events on this week and learning some good tips from other troopers as I go.


Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and feedback throughout the build process.


Here's some pics. Please excuse the awkwardly placed shoulder bells. They've since been adjusted.









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Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper :salute:


If you wish you could start a trooping record, you can request awards at certain levels, info here 



A few links may be worth a read:



Looking forward to seeing more of your trooping photos :duim: :salute:


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Congratulations! That sounds like a fantastic start already! :peace:

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9 hours ago, MaskedVengeance said:

Congrats Chris, and welcome to the ranks! Being behind the helmet is so cool, isn't it?!


And by the way, do you have plans to submit your armor for Expert Infantry?



Thanks so much - I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It was brilliant. I can't get over how valuable the fans were in my bucket. Sure they dried me out because of my big, dumb grin, but they were a life saver!


I do hope to get approved for EIB. I have a couple of minor tweaks to make to my kit first, but hopefully not far off.



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