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Trouble Finding Gloves

Virgo Mae

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Hi everyone,


I'm working on my Denuo Novo Kit currently. I'm ordering the soft pieces and boots. I know that Imperial Boots (Keep Trooping) used to offer these FO Stormtrooper gloves. I messaged them and they told me they discontinued them three years ago. I found these gloves but they're not 1:1 like I'd like them to be. Does anyone have a solution for my issue? I can't seem to find anywhere I can find 1:1 TFA gloves.


Gloves: First order Stormtrooper Gloves - FREE UK SHIPPING. (stormtrooper-store.com)



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Hi Skylar,

Check the link above it is our vendors list, you may find what you need there.

Also go check out Trooperbay, they have a good range of products and might have some First Order gear as well.

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The Endor Finders gloves are much nicer than the TrooperBay offering in my opinion. Cut the inner fuzzy liner out if you live somewhere with a warm climate!



Everything I've seen from StormtrooperStore is hot garbage.


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