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A hopefully new future Trooper from Germany


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Hallo everone!

I am Marc from Germany (Cologne area) and just joined the FISD community today. I heard about the 501st the first time some weeks ago when watching the Heroes of the Empire documentary on Netflix. I was totally overwhelmed in so many different ways. As I am 41 years old, Star Wars is a very strong part of my life since my childhood and was always fascinated by the whole universe around it. As I guess eveyone here, I also wanted to get a Stormtrooper costume as they are... well... Stormtroopers. Do I nead to say more?! But I could very early see, that the typical costumes for fun are more or less funny but that's all. Early research showed me, that getting a proper one is way above my budget line. So I had to put it into the "nice to have but no" corner.  Even now, I would really find no really good reason to justify the cost - even not for fun because I just like it.


But now I come back to the documentary: It now totally makes sense to me. Being organized in a group of great people, gathering together for events and especially charity... I can get both: Fulfill my dream and do something valuable on top with it.


And now I am here, really thinking about get this going and start building my costume. Yeah... the costs... and my wife... :salute:  I think there are some rocks on the road. But I put the dream for so long into the corner, this time it might be the best to get on it again. Don't know where this journey will take me...

So what is my plan? I just started reading and watching through everything here and on linked ressources and I think I will choose the TK stunt costume (maybe from RS). But till I really make my decision, much more time on research and getting impressions will be put into this for sure.


As the whole thing feels very big for me right now, I was also wondering if I just start with building an E11 blaster just to get in tough with everything, with building, with sharing my progress here in the community. And if I want to throw everything away and hate it forever, at least I did not burn too much money ;)


Do you have any suggestions on getting the parts for a blaster? I do not have a 3D printer and I am not planning for now to buy one. I found this thread below and was wondering, if anyone here knows also someone from Germany who sells the needed parts?


I already got in touch with @Morgi and @T-Jay. Thank you for your very first support and getting me in the right directions. 


Looking forward to get in touch with you all!



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Hello and welcome aboard. 


A great thread full of info


Also check out current E-11 suppliers

Good luck with the research 

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Welcome Marc and thank you for the great introduction! It gave me all the right kind of feels! :wub: When you build a costume yourself - you usually don't need to spend an unrealistic amount of money, and it sounds like you really want to do it! :dancing-trooper:


To start with, we can just take a look where we are... The FISD! One of the best places I know of - such a nerdy, helpful, active, engaging and rewarding place to be! :jc_doublethumbup:


Some people drag the build process out over some years and others do it in just a few weeks. There is only one way and that is your own way, and which ever way you choose, we will be here for you! Getting into the whole progress sharing with the community is such a quick flow to get into as you've already started by making this post! And thank you for that!


If you would get to the point of starting to build an armor, everything would be asked and answered in a build thread and the ball would be rolling onwards after that!


Regarding what armors to get, in the Swedish Garrison at least, it is pretty much split 50/50 between RS and TM (Troopermaster), and we have at least one SDS armor that I know of but we do not recommend those kits, as will the people buying those kits tell you since they have to do much extra work to get approved.


Just to get a taste of what you would eventually be getting into:

Imagine that you finally get to kick the legs up onto the couch at home after hours upon hours of waving, high fives, fist bumps, dancing, marching, taking images with people, feeling like a celebrity, people giving compliments on your armor thinking you look sooo cool, hearing sad stories and feeling great at heart after you realize you've made their day, collecting money for charity, meeting new friends that are just as passionate and nerdy as you are, sharing tips and helping troopers, put someone's shoulder bell on and be loved forever, getting compliments on your armor by troopers, and in the end knowing you have stood on a row as 1 of 10 TK's that has made a crowd speechless. :smiley-sw013:


This is currently what I'm thinking about as I've just arrived back home from a troop! :salute: I'm looking forward to follow your thought process and journey!


Welcome to the FISD and initiating the first steps of one day hopefully becoming a TK! :Stormtrooper_walk_south::peace:




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Thank you all for this warm welcome! I joined today and already got more positive and really nice conversations I could ever imagine. This makes everything much more easy!

I will keep you all updated after more research.

Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk

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Hello again Marc and welcome to the FISD one more time. ;)


Sorry for being late to this party, I am currently a bit busy.


However, I am sure we will cover a lot of your questions in a few hours. :duim:


Looking forward to our phone call tonight.


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Hey Marc!

   Welcome!  Great introduction of yourself. Thanks for posting my build thread also. My goal is to help as many members as I can, with that being said if you interested I can see what the cost would be for me to ship to Germany. Feel free to contact me if you have any  more question. I also apologize for the late delay on reply back to you. I have been busy with work and the holidays. 

Merry Christmas


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