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The Last Jedi/ The Rise of Skywalker CRL Upgrade Complete and Live


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Greetings all


We have just completed a major update to the Last Jedi Stormtrooper CRL, which included changes in some descriptions, typo era correction, replacement of some images including a new CRL model, so  overall we now have a better representation of the differences in this costume vs the TFA version.

This means some pieces that  were previously shared across those two CRL's but were clearly different and make the TLJ costume stand apart, will no longer be accepted/approvable, across TFA and TLJl, this includes like for like changes with the TLJ Executioner CRL as well.


The new TLJ CRL is dual labeled The Last Jedi / The Rise of Skywalker as in most cases they are identical save a new single carry only weapon, the Electro Prod.


Most of those upgrades will only affect Centurion level. Only a few minor changes were made to basic level that are very simple and what members have been doing in their builds already.

Items that have changed will take effect for anyone who has not yet started a build thread here on FISD.


Any of those who currently have an active build thread will have a 3 month grace period to either continue building to the now grandfathered CRL, or may certainly build to the new latest version active as of today.

You can certainly direct you GML to this announcement post or myself and our Deployment officers team if they have any questions.


This is the same grace period we have always given for anyone currently building a costume where a major upgrade has taken place.

Please Note, the grace is for all levels of approval, but you will find the lion share of changes are at Centurion levels.


The Deployment office have a copy of the now grandfathered CRL, so please reach out to them if you require a copy.

The new Version is now approved and live and can be found under the drop down menu on the "Pages" tab at the top of the forums.


I would like to thank everyone who played a part in getting this CRL up to a standard befitting Centurion level and one that we are all very pleased with.


With unquestioned loyalty


TK11469 (Sly11)

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So I’ve stayed away from FISD for a bit because of the frustrating discussion regarding the blaster.  And heavy weapons trooper.  That’s why I have not taken the last three submissions to centurion and may not submit anymore.  Perhaps maybe when I build a rogue one kit.  I have over 150 detailed photos that I can’t release yet because it had my name in them.  Soon I will.  But even then I guarantee you if I submitted crl photos from set, which I took.  Who has that? It would get subjected to the absolute subjective not supported but subjective decision which I have to admit plagues this process.  

so here it is.  Randomly came across this and totally forgot about it.  

The Last Jedi blaster




this screams issue is over.  

same as the heavy weapons trooper that I was told got rejected due to jealousy and I have no idea why and from whom.  Absolutely ridiculous.  

So when I finally decide to build a rogue one kit.  Let’s see what happens.  

So I hope this once and for all resolves this ridiculous blaster issue.  But I won’t let up on it and will not advise anyone to follow that ridiculous standard.  If someone builds that blaster I get it.  Absolutely but to exclude it.  Stupid absolutely stupid.  Then make the crl have two blasters.  

Regarding HWT it’s all there and I get asked about it all the time and people are converting after approvals.  So what’s the point.  

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We already have everything we need, and will be looking at this again in due course.

Currently I am building platforms for 4 new to legion costumes, so CRL work is where I am spending my time over the next few months.

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