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Reporting in from the 505 area code.


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Hello squad! I just came into possession of an untrimmed anavos/denuonovo kit without any prior planning or cosplay experience! So I've been lurking here for a few weeks picking up tips and tricks, cause y'all are the MVP of this white armor!


I've gotten a couple of pieces roughly cut and sanded but I'm only just now seeing others with the same kit popping up around the internet, and the included instructions leave a lot to be desired lol! So I'll be lurking for quite a while before I'm done.

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Hi Dallas and welcome to FISD


A few things for you to check out so once you get going you can easily share photos of your progress in your posts.



The First Oder area with all resources you will need.

This area has build threads, photo's and our CRL's which is your guide to what is required to get 501st approval if you so desire.





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Hello and welcome, when in doubt check our gallery section for references, good luck with the build

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Welcome aboard Dallas! It's always awesome to find these kits out in the wild. I'd encourage you to continue "lurking," but also start engaging others who have traveled the same path; you'll find all the help you need here.
Anyways, welcome again and we look forward to seeing your build take shape.

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