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Novice ANH stunt build-paige


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Just make sure that you look at the reference material before drilling the holes! The video tutorial didn't have 100% accurate positioning of the screws, and personally I don't like the little bend he did at the end there :D


This :Laser:



Compared to this :salute: 


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Making some progress. The ears for the helmet were A ROYAL PAIN IN THE @&$$
Still have things to clean up and fix before being approved. still have painting to do. I went with decals for now. 

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Nice work. You may want to try to move your tube stripes, if they are stickers you can apply some tape over the top then gently lift the corners with a knife while pulling the top tape. If they are painted that's a little harder :( 


L2 and above

  • Ideally, the tube stripes are positioned approximately a pencil width from the side of the cheek.




Note the hovi insides and rim are white



Some frown references for when paint that area. Special note: Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area.

gallery_12157_36_21761.jpg  gallery_12157_36_77206.jpg

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