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[40] TK-96004 (DoggyDoc) troop log (Socials approved)


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Kinda jealous of all those sets if I'm being honest.  I don't know if I would ever get to Toronto.  I did see some Youtube video and the place looked packed in the 501st area.


I saw ANH back in '77. Not sure how I managed to pull that off, but the whole family went.  To this day, Star Wars is about the only scifi/fantasy my brother will watch.  He even does better than me seeing most of the live action stuff on stream.  I've only seen about a 1/5th of what's out there.



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Troop 34 & 35

London Comicon

London, Ontario

September 16 and 17, 2023


This was a much smaller con than the last one and was a very fun troop. 
we did morning patrols around the convention on both days and had most of our photo ops there. 

We came across this heroine person taking a break from fighting crime. He was kind enough to pose with us



Next we came across some sort of android type statue.  Something about the resistance and futility I think they were saying. 



Since Lord Vader never lets us pilot the battle cruisers, we jumped at the opportunity to take this one out for a spin. 



For a moment , I thought these were the droids we were looking for but no such luck. 


This one definitely was a little short to be a stormtrooper. 

One convention guest had a completely new spin on driving the AT-AT




On Saturday afternoon. We were visited by Brendan Wayne who wears the Din Darin costume on the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal only wears it during helmet off scenes apparently), as well As Lateef Crowder who does the fighting and stunt scenes in the Din Djarin costume and Misty Rosas who is the performance actor that did the motion capture for Kuill in season 1 and for the Frog Lady in season 2 of the Mandalorian. They stayed around our booth for about a half hour doing photos and trying blast a trooper. We made Lateed and Brendan honorary 501st members as well. 







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Troop 36

Hamilton Comicon

Hamilton , Ontario

September 23, 2023

This was the 3rd of 3 comicons in the past month. Time for a short rest.


I have now started trooping in 2 costumes now that my death trooper is complete. Wearing the fibreglass death trooper really makes you appreciate how light and easy to wear the ABS TK kit is. 

I was a bit late on the booth duty sign up, so missed out on being a target for blast a trooper but still managed to get a spot as range assistant. 




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Troop 37

Hamilton Comicon

Hamilton , Ontario

September 23, 2023


Day 2 was fun with us getting to do a photoshoot in the Buffalo aircraft. Got to troop with @Wompet today as well.  


This was also the same troop 1 year ago when I did my first troop.






Some other shots from the day. 









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Troop 38

Toronto Treat Accessibility Halloween Village 

Toronto , Ontario

October 15, 2023


Treat Accessibility is an annual event that takes place at several locations around the greater Toronto area. A neighborhood street is blocked off to traffic for a few hours and home owners set up tables at the end of their driveways. This allows for children with disabilities to trick or treat in a safe and controlled environment.


The group selfie shot. We were joined by the stormtrooper in the middle.  He had just finished assembling his Anovis kit.  His goal is to get it 501st approved.  We directed him here and offered helpful advice.  Hopefully he will drop by.  I passed him my blaster for the photo.


A quick pose with the local law enforcement. 



Took a minute and did some dancing (the twist) with some residents. 





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Troop 39

Ronald McDonald House visit

London, Ontario

October 21, 2023


This was a fist at a local Ronald McDonald House to visit and interact with families staying there while their children are being cared for in at the adjacent hospital. A short troop but a very special one.







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Troop 40

Cambridge Santa Clause Parade

Cambridge , Ontario

November 17, 2023


This was my second time doing the parade and it was slightly warmer this year than last year. I have started wearing a diving suit under my costume for those outdoor cold troops and it really works well to keep me warm.  

we were joined by the Mando Mercs and the Rebel Legion for this one.  Lots of kids and adults to high five along the route.









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