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How to put on a FULL Stormtrooper Costume


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Hey troopers,


If you’re new to trooping, or just fancy a look, this video might be right up your street. In this video, I run through how to put on a complete stormtrooper suit, along with tips and tricks along the way. For those aiming for accurate armour, this could be a good resource.


The suit of armour I’m using in this video is a combination of super screen accurate as well as troopable.


I hope you enjoy the video and find it educational.


If you have any questions, please comment below or in the YouTube comments.


Best wishes



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It seems so crazy, the thought, of putting on a bunch of plastic then the helmet goes on and it just suddenly seems so right.  Bart

Haha - that’s SO true. Even when you’re the one putting the suit on, when you catch a glimpse of yourself with the full suit on, you’re like “oh wow - a Stormtrooper”! Lol
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