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Gday there!

My name's Cody, and been looking to join up for years now. I live in Brisbane and been looking to make a Shocktrooper Stormtrooper costume. Any pointers or stores that would be best for someone down in AUS? Hoping to try finding and completing one by next year, at the very least.


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Hello and welcome aboard, Getting Started Section is the best place to start



Also check out this thread full of info on all stormtrooper related


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Hi Cody, Glad you took my advice :)

This is a massive resource, but fear not we have plenty of members and staff, all here to assist you in every way we can.

Obviously if you need any local Brissy assistance hit me up, I've built/assisted many Redback members with their armour over the years.

Glen has given you 2 key links that you should wade your way through, but also make sure you familurise yourself well with the Shock trooper CRL


This is the guide on how to assemble your costume to meet Legion basic approval.

You will notice some Blue and Red text under the Black text sections. These are optional levels of accuracy you can build to, which will come under review here on FISD as they are driven by the detachment.


For your basic approval, that will be handle by our Redback Garrison GML and the CRC (costume review committee) which I am part of as well.


Ask plenty of questions, and assistance will flow.

Enjoy the journey, it's a wonderful experience.

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Thanks guys! This is all a real big help, and I'm glad to see so many friendly faces!

For the main part I'm eyeing possible finding a T-21 replica, and if not that then the DLT-19. And the various types of armor link helps me out a lot, I had no idea what ABS or ANH meant when looking through some of the stores I had found.


Thank you all again!

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2 hours ago, Cybroid said:

 I had no idea what ABS or ANH meant when looking through some of the stores I had found.

You may find this thread perfect to refer too ;) 


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