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Requesting Pre-Approval ANH Stunt TK AuthenticProps

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Hi guys,


I'm new here and would like to submit for Pre-approval for my first TK, kit from Authentic Props. I am just seeking for BASIC Approval.


Andres Tedesco

Empire City Garrison (future Garrison)

Kit maker: AuthenticProps

Height: 6' 2"








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Looking very good! I honestly don't personally see anything that would hinder basic approval, though I'm still not the keenest eye or most knowledgeable.


Your torso sides are PHENOMENAL. Perfect alignment. Belt is looking good too, though it could be ever so slightly higher.  And your bucket looks great!


Your thighs seem very low. You could tighten your thigh garters (hopefully yours are adjusable?) and raise them up closer to the cod piece. It'll give a better look and a lot better movement.  Knees don't bend too well with the thighs way down there.


Your biceps also seem rather low. Are they attached to your shoulder bells? I use a 3 strap system between those pieces as well as the screen-accurate elastic and J-hook. It keeps them high and tight together.


Hope that gives a few tips. But really, I think you'll be fine for Basic. :jc_doublethumbup:

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Looking good, just need a few tweaks to make you look the part.


You are just nudging over the correct size for an AP kit, a lot of people over 6" go for either an AM or RT-Mod kit as they are made for the bigger/taller trooper.


Saying that you could reduce some of your gaps, I would bring your biceps up a little as they would pop out from under your shoulder bells when moving your arms. Then space your forearms with equal gaps at elbows and wrists.

Your thigs are very low, your right one appears to be touching your shin, I would bring these up and reduce the black showing. 

Shoulder bells could come in more at the front, adding snaps further forward on the elastic helps the shoulder bells to pull inwards when moving the arms reducing the gaps.





Note your drop boxes are not aligned with the ends of the plastic belt in some images



You could remove the excess material from your belt, normally they stop under or just at the end of your detonator. 

Shoulder straps could be bent down so they sit flush, can't see if you have elastic loops there or not.

Your bicep has come out from under your shoulder bell on the left rear.

Try to bring your backplate down to reduce the gap between it and your kidney plate.

Gaps in the lower ridge of the thighs could be filled with ABS paste or Sugru https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51767-how-to-fill-thigh-ridge-gaps/


Right rear shin not quite closed, normally a heat bath (or heat gun for the experienced) can be used to help them sit flusher.

You may also want to just knock off the corners of your coverstrips as they look quite sharp and you may get armor bits.

Gaps on TD look a little small

IMG-3022.jpgUrnD3dz.jpg?2 TD measurements.jpg


You could also add a little white paint to the rim of your Hovi's



As I say just a few tweaks, also some of the items mentioned are for higher levels.


Good luck with approval 

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Something that might help you lift the thighs as suggested is to completely remove the return edge on the upper thighs. Not only will that give you more room to shift them up, it will also be a LOT more comfortable to troop in.

Also that front coverstrip on your upper left thigh will poke you endlessly, so you'll want to shave that corner down for sure.

One more small item that will improve appearance, you might want to shift the chest plate down just a bit more over the ab section to get a bit more overlap and remove that center gap.


Good luck trooper! You're definitely close!

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Eric's mention of your thigh armor made me look at it. The back thighs seem to have a sorta heart shaped pucker at the cover strip on both sides. You can sand that flat so that it's a straight line / constant angle. A dremel and sanding drum would do it in a few minutes. That would give you one less pokey area.

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Hey guys, I wanted to thank you all for the feedback! I was able to work on it and get it approved!!! I appreciate all the help, I still have some things to work on for future higher levels, but I did get the basic approval, and I'm beyond excited!


Say hello to TK-22617

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37 minutes ago, techdesco said:

Hey guys, I wanted to thank you all for the feedback! I was able to work on it and get it approved!!! I appreciate all the help, I still have some things to work on for future higher levels, but I did get the basic approval, and I'm beyond excited!


Say hello to TK-22617

Great news, congratulations and welcome to the ranks. Hopefully you'll have a read through our EIB section and perhaps apply for L2 :D https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/95-expert-infantryman-program/

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Hello and congrats TK-22617! :jc_doublethumbup:

Speaking from my own experience, there are a lot of small things that are not all too time consuming that you can do to make huge improvements on the looks!


First off what I did was to just scrape off paint from the teeth, both the upper and lower part of the teeth, making sure that the color doesn't leave the teeth area!


Then for L3 you might want to fill in the gaps in the back of the thighs with some Sugru! Find out how to do that here!



Also a very quick thing here is to move out the dropboxes (blue) so they align with the outer most line of the plastic belt (yellow), and maybe dab a little glue on the back somewhere so they stay in place (that's what I did but there are a lot of other solutions)



For L3 you might have to carefully cut off the sniper knee and reposition it (blue) to (yellow)


These are some of the things that I have had to do myself (all of the above)!

Regarding the sniper knee, it took me 2 hours or so of just carefully cutting in with an exacto blade with this attachment

zip9igf.png zQjfnWF.png


If you do this and you have to reattach it, don't be afraid of a little gap under the knee as we've seen many sniper knees with a little gap under it. I'll just attach how my knee looks now :D



Again congrats on your new ID and I hope that you'll put many smiles on peoples faces! :salute:

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