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Hello there from Switzerland :)

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Hello there fellow Legion Members, the time has come to add another costume to my collection :lol:

my Name is Vanessa/ TI-ID-TB 19551 and I am from the Swiss Garrison

My first costume was an imperial officer back in September ‘21. A Tie Pilot and Biker Scout should soon follow

I’ve always wanted a TK, but wanted to start off light :D

but through my boyfriend ( who is a TK as well) and watching fellow members at troops, I knew that the time had come, so today I got my Armour from Ironmotion in Germany  

Tomorrow is gonna be test  day at a troop 

approval pics are already submitted and 

I’m excited to get to know y’all :dancing-trooper:

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Welcome to the FISD, Vanessa!


I wish you a speedy approval and lots of fun with your new white plastic ;)

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Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with approval, if you wish we have a pre approval area which some use to find any issues before applying to their GML, you can find it here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/193-request-tk-pre-approval/

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Hi Vanessa and welcome here. :salute:


As you already have a Legion-ID, you can also request 501st access here to see more subsections on FISD.


Hoping your first troop went well and have fun out there with your new suit. :)

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