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TK-4558 reinstated

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After an 8 year retirement I finally finished an old MTK kit I had. I submitted photos the other night and was approved. This kit is a stand in kit most likely though. I found it difficult to assemble because there really are not  obvious trim lines and some of the pieces like the legs I trimmed years ago. In that time I have improved my making skills. I had a challenge ahead of me by having to work with bad cuts I did 8 years ago. The arms were easier because I had never trimmed them. 

The left leg I had trimmed way too much off. Massive credit to Trooperbay for working me up a set of replacement lower legs. I only used the left one and there is only a slight color difference. 

The helmet I am very happy with. I like my armor not looking super pristine and I can say "mission accomplished" lol.

The funny part of my submission is I am wearing the same lower undersuit I did when trooping back in 2013. I have replacements on their way. 

I am really excited to be back in the 501st. I should have never left and I cannot wait to get out their trooping again.  

I also already built two versions of Kylo Ren and have a Snowy on order. After that is done I will reevaluate doing another TK and am currently exploring doing a FO.  




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Welcome back!!!
It’s great to have you back

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Welcome back Trooper!


8 years is a long time, but it'll feel like 8 days once you're back on your first Troop since retirement!


Just like riding a bike, can't wait to see your next suit, and KUDOS on the reinstatement!

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